my canguro at Disneyland!!

  1. ok so yesterday I took out my brand new adios star canguro to mind you I am sooo not a fanny pack type of person but I have to be honest that this was a life saver!! I have two little boys who are a handful in themselves and to not have to hang onto a purse was so awesome! This little baby is so cool! It fit everything I needed and let me tell that it didn't occur to me till the end of the day that not only does this have a zippered pocket (the smaller one) but that it zips all the way across the entire length of it. YEAH I'M A DORK! I can't believe I didn't realize that would have been more helpful w/the cash and I wouldn't have had to fold it up to get it in the smaller pocket. Oh well that just means next time it will work out better!!

    So everyone who's on the fence about getting one of these little babies............GO OUT AND GET ONE!!! :yes:
  2. I bought an AS canguro for the same reason, but I'm REALLY not a fannypack person either. My husband and I love to go to theme parks so I thought it would be useful.

    We went to Universal Studios in the beginning of summer and I took my bella bella. That was a mistake! When we got to the Mummy ride, one of the staff guys told me that my purse was too big and I had to put in a locker! So I had to stand in a line to get a locker because it's digital and locks by fingerprint. In the meantime, a buttload of people zoom by us and we ended up farther back in line for the ride. After that, no more purses at theme parks for me. I've taken a smaller purse on that ride before and nobody said anything. Maybe the bella bella is just a little too big for them.
  3. I just bought an AS canguro because I thought it would be great for when I'm chasing my toddler around. (all the time!)

    When I tried it on, it seemed awkward when I bent over or squatted. I do those two things all the time with a 16 month old. Now I'm debating on returning it or not. I got a great deal on it and I really like it otherwise.

    Any thoughts?
  4. is disneyland picky about size bags you take on rides? T-T because i'm going for halloween time at disney and i was going to bring my toki... but i dont have any small tokis >.<; time to go buy one LOL
  5. i've been thinking about getting a canguro.. just 'cause after i got my ciao i think a canguro might be nice for stepping out of the house with my phone and some cash ;)
  6. I had a chance to use to last Saturday, when I spent the day at 6 flags. I was about halfway there when I realized, "D@mn! Why didn't i bring it instead of lugging around a BV?!"

    Oh well... at least when I go to the State Fair I'll know to use it instead. At least the BV gave me a good excuse to skip out on the scary rides :smile: I ended up being everyone's hat and wallet holder.
  7. I never thought about getting one and wearing it to 6 Flags! I was at Great Adventure in July and I wanted to go on Kingda Ka, but my friend and I had to buy a locker to put our bags in, which was so annoying! I need a bag while I'm in there just so I have a place to put my eyeglasses while I'm on rides, so I think I may pick one up on Saturday!

    My mom should get one for when we go to Disney, but she carries around SO much stuff that I don't think it would be very functional for her.
  8. spacytracy- this is totality OT but i saw your sig an.... you can go trick or treating at Disneyland?!?!?!? OMGF i sooo wanna do that :nuts:
  9. i used to take my canguro out on walks with my infant/toddler all the time and i'd even strap his sippy cup with water to it. it was really useful to have my hands free and i'd also go take walks to the mailbox (kinda far) and stuff the mail in the big pocket. it was a little difficult bending down if you wear the stuff all in the front, but if you turn it to the back, it's no trouble at all. the stuff is a little harder to get to, but, it's workable. :smile: i wished that the canguro held more though and i debated just getting rid of it and getting a real "fanny pack" for functionality sake...but, i've been holding out and now my son is almost, i'm not having to hold him as much -- he likes to walk by himself! :smile:
  10. i used mine last week for when i went to disneyland.
  11. yeah they just started it in 2005 and this will be our third year doing it. They do it at California Adventure Park. They offer passholders the tickets first then release the rest of them for the public. It's alot of fun!! The kids (and some adults) dress up and they have trick or treats candy stands throughout the park and some of the rides are open as well. They also do a parade at the end. The first year they did it tickets were only $15 and it was for only 3 hours. Then the second year they went up to $19 and they extended the time to 4 hours. Now this year the tickets went up to $24 and it's still 4 hours.

    Here is the link for more info:

    we usually go a couple days before halloween (refuse to go on the actual date as don't want to be out driving w/the drunks!), then also take the kids out around the neighborhood on halloween. So we are on a GIGANTIC sugar rush for the whole month of November w/all the candy we score!!
  12. That's the same reason I bought my AS Canguro, for when I go on trips! I used it last week while we went to vegas and it was nice carrying a purse while you were drunk! I didn't have to worry about losing anything.
  13. Yeah, canguros are great when you don't want to be bogged down by stuff.
  14. Unfortunately, I am a bigger girl and the canguro barely fits around my waist :sad: .. If they just added on 3 inches or so it would be great.
  15. Nope, they're not picky about your bag. I just went a few months ago and I brought my ciao ciao and just strapped it into every ride w/me and didn't have a problem. I rode every ride except for space mountain because it was closed. :push:

    As far as the canguro goes I bought one but never used it, so I sold it on eBay. I just always felt like a jerk with it on and my sister made fun of me...calling me a fag! I have to admit that she was right, I was one with it on!! So kudos to those who can wear it w/pride. I'm glad it works for you. I'm just not a canguro kind of girl! :nogood: