My Canelle Quilted Bay is here....

  1. Its here right in time and I love it and LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour. MUCH less bright than in the pictures!
    DSC02670.JPG DSC02671.JPG DSC02673.JPG DSC02674.JPG
  2. Mona Danya...

    Your canelle quilted bay is glorious & stunning :smile: Congrats & ENJOY HER!!!!
  3. :tup: Congrats~ It looks good on you!!! I like the colour too :heart:
  4. VERY nice bay.... and you wear it so well :yes: How is it size wise? I have not seen one IRL.
  5. Congrats! What a beautiful bag. Is it a heavy bag? Enjoy carrying her.
  6. It is on the big side but with the squareish shape its perfect!
  7. Thanks, and no it is not heavy at all!
  8. OMG Mona.... she's gorgeous:nuts::drool:!!!!! I knew you would love her:tender:, you made a great choice:girlsigh:!
  9. Congrats. She looks gorgeous. My next Chloe will be a quilted Bay!!:heart::heart:
  10. Looks awesome on you!
  11. Congrats, it's beautiful!! :tup:
  12. WOw! I don't think it is on the big side - I think it is perfect! Looks gorgeous on you. Makes me want to keep the one I bought from Sacoche for my daughter. BTW - I can't get a hold of Irene by phone. No one answers when I call and I wonder if there are any special Ramadan shut down the shop times? I know they'll get back to me eventually but you get antsy when you see pictures like YOURS!! Congrats!
  13. Thanks everyone....I am totally inlove with it!

    I think there are special Ramadan hours but I don't know what they are!
    Is this the number you have: 97317580570 ???
  14. Completely in love with your new bay. Looks amazing on you. I want one!:cutesy:Just trying to figure out where to get the $$$:girlsigh:. Gotta figure out what & how to sell. Then I'll get one. Just hope the prices will be the same by then.
  15. Poor you...and I completely understand how you feel! Good luck!!!