My Campana plus accessories!!! *big pics* :D

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  1. Finally took pics of my BV lovelies!

    small Campana in ebano, continental wallet in nero, zip card case in limo, pig key ring in pink ostrich


    detail of limo zip card case and pig key ring

    three weaves together

    :yahoo: :yahoo:

    (cross-posted this to collections thread...)
  2. Seriously this Campana is an amazing, amazing shoulder bag. I am very picky about shoulder bags, and have returned bags because they were uncomfortable or slipped off or were too heavy. Bottega Veneta is a godsend!

    Plus there is the fact that I can pet it. :smile:
  3. What a beautiful bag! I love the color :smile:
  4. Wow! What beauties! Congrats! What size is your Campana?
  5. It's the small size. I am 5' 1" so it's perfect for my frame.

  6. I'm with you on that! The Campana is truly amazing. I'm so glad I bought one. Congrats....
  7. Wow...that Campana is just luscious! And all its little friends complement it beautifully!
  8. Gorgeous set of BV's. We have almost the same items--I have the Campana in your color, the zip card case in Limo, and my woven wallet is a slightly different continental style in Nero.
  9. Jane, your BV items are so beautiful. Aren't BV bags the most comfortable?
  10. You did good Jane, they are all gorgeous.
    Congrats & enjoy. =)
  11. you know I love them all!
  12. Where are your pics, doubtfulguest?? :yes:
  13. That's an excellent question. This weekend, I'm sure. I'll suck it up and make DH take some picture of me.:blush:
  14. :woohoo: jane!! All beauties and your excellent pics show them off well.

    Isn't it the best when you :heart: your bag even *more* after spending time with it?
  15. ^^Hey, what a coincidence...all us No Cal peeps are online tonight at the same time, though I'm heading out to dinner in a bit.

    Looking forward to your pics doubtfulguest!
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