My Cameron Nicole Mega Bargain!


Apr 8, 2007
A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned an ebay auction with the Cameron Nicole 'Lisa' bag. I liked the bag, and went over to the Cameron Nicole website at and saw that they had the Lisa bag in the sample sale sale area for $59!

I emailed them asking to buy the plain pink/peach version of the bag, and they wrote back and said the only one that they had left had a scuff on it, and they weren't sure I would want it. I had them describe the scuff and she offered me the bag for $20!! Of course I said YES and then found out they were offering FREE Shipping that weekend! I couldn't believe it! They really must have wanted to get rid of this bag.

Anyway, it arrived this morning and I couldn't believe it - when I first took it out - I couldn't even FIND the scuff. Finally, after examining, I did find a longish scuff/scratch. However, the leather (which by the way is really wonderful - very soft) has a wrinkled nature so unless you really look at the scratch, it just looks like a natural 'crease' in the leather. I think the pic below actually makes it look worse than it does in person. And the scratch hasn't really broken the 'skin' of the leather, either.

The bag is really large and roomy and has an adorable interior with pink/brown polka dots.

I'm happy with my bargain!! A $399 bag for $20!

The fourth pic shows the scuff.



Feb 4, 2007
And they're all gone. I tried to get one, any color, got an e-mail this morning that they're all gone.