My camel (or sand?) Rory & Saffiano City Tote! :)

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    I found these two beauties last weekend and it was :heart: at first sight!

    Meet my first Rory and Saffiano N/S City Tote! I'm not sure about the name(s) of their color(s) though. My guess is Camel or Sand? Anyone knows? I can't tell from the tags.

    I've been wanting a Rory for a while now but just can't decide on a color, and this neutral shade is just perfect to me! On the other hand, I've never really paid attention to the Saffiano City Tote, so I was surprised how much I loved it when I tried it on. It's so elegant, classy, and functional all at the same time. And I LOVE this color! Sadly that means my trusted LV NF MM is going to stay in the closet for a while now. :smile:


    And last but not least, I also picked up this adorable French Bulldog key fob at the counter. So cute, looks just like our dog! :love:

  2. Hmmm, I can't see the pics!? But to answer your question,Rory comes in sand, and tote in camel😊. Congrats!
  3. Sorry! Not sure what happened. Here they go again.
    Thanks for the info on the colors! So Sand is darker than Camel? Interesting, I would've thought the opposite, hah!
    IMG_1936.jpg IMG_1939.jpg
  4. Twins on the fob- and on the doggie :smile: congrats!

  5. TBeautiful bags! Twins on the car and keyfob :roflmfao:!!!!
  6. Thanks! How old is yours? Ours just turned 8 yrs! Time flies. I still remember when he was just a plump little puppy!
  7. lol!
  8. Congratulations! They're both so pretty.
  9. Pretty. Congrats!
  10. Fraternal twins on the Rory (mine's marine), identical twins on the Saffiano Camel tote. (I get mine this coming Friday from Dillard's. Huge discount...couldn't pass it up).

    You'll :heart:them both.
  11. Thanks, I see them now! Gorgeous!!!
  12. Love both of your bags, and that fob is so cute. Congrats
  13. Seems like u like the camel tote more so I say keep camel tote and exchange sand rory for black rory!
  14. I switched out my NF for a saffiano tote, too! Love it! I carried it as a work bag (teacher), and it has been super durable!

    Love your haul! Both bags are so pretty, and your bulldog is adorable! Enjoy!
  15. Love the Rory!