My calfskin GST in Dark Beige S/H **pic**

  1. Got her awhile ago, but amid the GST craze, I thought I'd post her. She was $1850 before the Feb 1st increase. I'm going to Appleguard spray her, so hopefully I don't mess it up.


  2. Where and when did you get this?? Silver hardware?? It's gorgeous!!!
  3. Neiman Marcus had it shipped to me last week of Jan. before the Feb 1st price hike. I don't even know what season it's from. A PST was also made in this Dark Beige color. It's not lambskin or caviar, but calfskin - kinda like the vachetta leather on the LVs, but more delicate.
  4. That is so pretty. And it looks like the leather will deepen with wear. You have so many beautiful bags!
  5. congrats!! it's pretty yayyyy :yahoo:
  6. Fabulous purchase, the bag is TDF, I love Lambskin so luxurious!
    Congrats and Enjoy!
    BTW, Where do you get appleguard from, and does it really make a difference?
  7. Wow! I've never seen that color before. Congrats!
  8. Wow - I've never seen this combo before... it's really striking!
  9. I love it! So glad you tracked it down!
  10. Wow! Gorgeous bag and color! Love the matching flats too!! Congrats!
  11. stunning!!
  12. Wowwww, that is GORGEOUS!!!
  13. wow very nice!!
  14. what a buy! I always love to see an unusual Chanel.
  15. I've never seen that, it's gorgeous!