MY Calcaire City has arrived!!!!!

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  1. But I haven't seen it yet. I will take pictures later. I forgot to to change the PayPal to my address so it went to my Mom's house. They rang the doorbell and told her she owed 184.00. :roflmfao: It had her name on it too. hahahahaha
    She opened it and was like :wtf: Of course she knew it was mine when she opened it. She said it's beautiful and it looks like it made the trip fine. Then she said you owe me 184.00. :P
    It came UPS, somehow there was mixup and it was supposed to NOT be sent UPS or Fed Ex due to customs fees, so I got hit hard which is what I tried to avoid. No more international for me. 244.00 shipping is just insane. It will have to be an extremely rare bag in mint condition for me to do international again. That's almost 25% toward another bag.:rolleyes:
  2. Yes but a calcaire City would sooo be worth the shipping to me! Cant wait to see those pictures. Your thread was SUCH a tease! stop that!:rolleyes:
  3. I know powder! I'm not buying international anymore unless it's my dream bag!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!..I'm sure it is worth the extra $!!!!!!!
  4. oooh!!! congratulations!!! can't wait to see the pics, powder :yahoo:
  5. Melissa i'm so sad for customs fees...
    I've shipped it with Itailan Mail.....Maybe their partner it the US for international delivery is UPS not USPS
    But i'm 1000% that you will love it!

  6. $244 total...:wtf: that's why I ask for US sellers to ship via Global Express (gift:low value) until now this was the best customs and ultraquick delivery :yes:

    Anyway I'm lookin forward to seing all the lovely pics ...:nuts:
  7. Damn those customs fees!!! :cursing: but congrats on the long-awaited calcaire city :smile:
  8. Holy moly, that's the most I've ever heard for shipping a handbag. Can't wait to see pics!
  9. I wonder why it was so much? I buy from a few boutiques in Italy and this last time I bought a cognac/caramel s/s '06 City and the shipping and duties fees were only $125.
  10. OK Correction. It was 124.84 plus 60.00 for shipping. Sorry about that. The only time I have gottten hit with customs was from Italy. Never from France, UK, and others. One time I got a pair of sunglasses from Italy and got hit big for a 200. and change item. So I don't know what the deal is with things from Italy. My mom had ordered tons of perfumes from Paris, never a customs fee. I think maybe because the declared value was on the front of the box(1000.00). That's probably what did it. When that happened with the first pair of sunglasses I told them the next time to NOT put the reciept in the box or anything on the front dentiing value and there was no fee.
    Still 184.50 is alot for shipping but I will love the bag and be mad at customs.
    It is from a wonderful PR'er and it's a beautiful bag!!! I will take pics as soon as I get it. My Mom is holding it hostage. :roflmfao: I must pay the ransom. :P
  11. That is still a little high! Well, I know you will love the bag anyways! CONGRATS!
  12. Don't worry about it. You are a sweetheart and I will love the bag. :love: Thank you!!!! Customs is what is is, nothing we can do about it. Sometimes we can bluff them, other times we can't. I do think it is an Italy issue. Maybe Italy is transferred to UPS to be the carrier, where France is handled by the USPS. I know that for sure because I get packages from France and my Mom is a perfume freak, orders from them all the time and I have signed for many packages for her over the past few years and they always came with the mailman.
    The second time I ordered sunglasses from Italy, I was VERY specific. No receipts, put used sunglasses, (they weren't used, they were new)value zero and no insurance and I didn't have to pay. True I took the risk with no insurance, but I saved paying 40-50. on a 250. pair of glasses.:graucho:
  13. how exciting!!! can't wait to see it...
  14. Congrats! Hopefully you'll forget about the high shipping costs once you see how beautiful the bag is. Btw, did your mom specify a time frame for the ransom to be paid or else.......? As you know we're all dying to see your pics, so hurry up & pay!:roflmfao:
  15. Congrats on the Calcaire City!!! I'm sure it's wonderful!