My Cake Creations (Post your own photos too!)

  1. Your cupcakes are fabulous...such attention to detail!
  2. amazing!!!
  3. I'd go with I do cake decorating too, pretty much only fondant, and honestly found that the Wilton classes were of no use to me. I've learned more my trial and error, and researching online than I ever would have in the Wilton classes. I'm not saying that the Wilton classes are bad, but the instructors aren't allowed to deviate from the Wilton method even if there is a better way to do things (I was offered a position as a Wilton instructor but turned it down). Some classes are better than others--it really depends if you get a 'good' instructor or not.
  4. marry me
  5. You are very talented, Pigeu. :smile:
  6. Amazing creations! You've encouraged me to go and bake something hehe
  7. Beautiful...
  8. They are lovely! How do you get the fondant to look so shiny? Do you add something to it?
  9. Wow these cakes are beautiful. I am a great baker but not so good at the decorating part!
  10. Utterly amazingly. It shows you love what you do.

    You should go on the FoodNetwork and try out for some of those challenge shows.

    Too bad we can't do cyber tasting. :idea:
  11. I love all of your cakes, especially the Mickey and Bridal ones in this picture. :smile: Keep up the good work.
  12. wow you are so talented!! they all look so beautiful, and too pretty to eat
  13. Wow, those cakes look amazing!
  14. Fantastic!!! :smile:
  15. Wow! You have a beautiful talent and a wonderful inspiration :biggrin: And the Hello Kitty is absolutely gorgeous!