My Cake Creations (Post your own photos too!)

  1. I'd like to show you some cakes that I've made over the past year. I took one Wilton course, basically taught how to make buttercream icing, usage of tips and piping bags, and some basic buttercream flowers. Most of the cakes in the album are fondant covered cakes which I learned how to make from the internet. Please let me know what you think!

    Also, if anyone here loves to bake and decorate, please share any photos you may have of cakes, cupcakes, cookies etc. and any tips/tricks! :smile:


    Link to cake album:

    I will be updating the album as I go.

    Some of my favourites:





  2. Your cakes are so cute!!!
  3. You have an amazing talent!!! :tup:
  4. These are amazing! I especially love the Hello Kitty cake and the last one as well (the name escapes me at the moment).
  5. They're fabulous, Pigeu. You're very talented.
  6. Wow, only one baking class?? You are very talented!! I wish you lived closer so I could order some from you!!
  7. Beautiful cakes, you're so talented!
  8. Wow these are amazing!
  9. These are fantastic! I really love the doll one with all the cupcakes :smile:
  10. You are most definitely talented! Love all of them :smile:
  11. Wow, those are amazing! I love the Disney one!
  12. Thanks!! Great to hear you guys like them. I just made a couple more cakes for this weekend..

    I love this one (LV Galliera):


  13. Backyardigans, hehe

    Yup, only one decorating class. I learned most of the stuff from the internet. If you have any interest in baking, you only need a few tools and a bit of research and you'll be making these in no time!

    By the way, I LOVE your wedding photos. They are amazing!
  14. Oh wow! Amazing!
  15. I had to head over here to see more of your creations after you shared the galleria on the LV sub forum. SO impressive... I was thinking you had to have a business because you're so good at it! You are definitely better than a lot of those on tv... your cakes are very tasteful with nice lines. Great job!