My Cafe Brief arrived today!

  1. Hee hee this was a totally unexpected purchase seeing as I am picking up another Bal bag tomorrow (pics will follow on that too) but I just couldn't resist.

    Here are the pics

    First one is with flash on, second is without. Its such a gorgeous colour, really really really rich brown, almost black when you first look at it. I would say the pic with the flash is definately the closest to the colour. It's quite like the Spy Choco that I had in that it has a slight reddish tone to it.

    Enjoy the pics and once I pick up me other purchase tomorrow (hee hee) I will post a new family pic
  2. I love the Brief with Regular Hardware !!!!
    And I also love café !!! Too bad it looks black on the pics ;) !!!
    Congrats !!!
  3. Congratulations!!! Very pretty bag!! :smile:
  4. what a pretty bag! I haven't seen it with regular hardware before - it's lovely!
  5. ^^ Thanks Alison - I personally hadn't either and I am not a great lover of the GH so I was keen to snap this up whilst I could
  6. :yahoo: Congrats!!!:yahoo: It's so gorgeous!!!:love: :love: :love: WHAT ARE YOU PICKING UP TOMORROW????:nuts:
  7. Congrats, your bag is gorgeous. The brief is a great style and I love cafe.
  8. Zacory,

    Siri managed to get my my marine city from Paris when she was there (been lusting after one for a while but all the ones here weren;t that great leather) so meeting her tomorrow to get my new baby!:yahoo: :yahoo: cannot wait!
  9. it looks really pretty!! i like the brief style a lot, and the more i see cafe, the more i love it! congrats
  10. another gorgeous addition to your ever growing collection.

    You sure have some kick ass bags now missy!!

  11. Thanks City yes the colour is great and its a great style bag.
  12. The collection has to stop now for a while though or else its divorce!!!!!

    Hee hee
  13. well, make sure you get custody of the bags in the settlement ;)
    lol :biggrin:
  14. WOW! That is just TDF! :drool: :heart: Hey, secret, any chance of modeling a pic of yourself wearing her just for reference?
  15. Monsoon no probs. Its late a night here now but will take one in the daylight over the next few days