My Cache of handbags

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  1. I am starting with my newest acquisitions from this past weekend. From there, I will try to snap some pics of the rest of my hoard...but it may take me a few days.

    This is my Sigrid Olsen black hobo. I am in love with this bag!! :love:

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  2. I like! Post more :biggrin:
  3. Next is my Ellen Tracy bag that I also purchased this weekend at Marshall Fields.

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  4. This is the cutest little (for me, anyway, lol) bag!!

    I got it at Lord and Taylors last weekend....for a screaming deal! Reg. $225, down to $50 something!! (Can't find tag)

    I wore it to the birthday party yesterday...:P

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  5. This is some pics of the Hayden Harnett Havana hobo that is going back...I put a wallet, a makeup case, and a few little odds and ends. You can see how my wallet pointing out of the bottom in the first pic. :evil: In the second, I tried to get a pic of something sticking out forward, but it's not too clear. I also attached the tassle for the second one. can see how slumpy it is...these were taken with me adjusting them...I couldn't imagine doing that everytime I carried the bag.

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  6. I like all of these alot!
  7. These are the last few that I can post...gotta run to my son's K class...I'm an aide today. :lol:

    This is the Isabella Fiore Metal Of Honor Carina that I got for Christmas. It is heavy....but I love it! :love:

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  8. very nice, wish the pics were a little bigger though!!
  9. I got this for myself for Christmas. :biggrin:

    Isabella Fiore Quilty Pleasure bag. Thanks to Issmom for all her support! I think I drove her nuts asking 1,000's of questions. :wacko:

    I think it's a little dark...but the majority of you know what the bag looks like anyway.

    I'll try to get a better pics of is so beautiful!!

    Any tips on how to get the pics the right hue? TIA!!

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  10. I love all of them, so cool bags.
    It´s exactly that kind of bags I would like to have, Especially your Isabella Fiore Quilty Pleasure bag. Love that one.. :smile:
    Nice collection... :smile:

  11. Lovely, you like hobos ;) ?
  12. Fayden, HEEELLLLLLLPPPPP me!!

    The only way I know how is to go to and upload them there and then to the site.

    Do you know how to adjust the size on their site?

    I don't have PSP.
  13. So nice bags:nuts: I really like the first one:amuse: Sigrid Olsen?
  14. oohh - I love this one - kind of reminiscent of the Roxy; but with alot more hardware.

    For $50 who could pass it up.
  15. when you go to their website, click on the image so it's the bigger size, right click on your mouse, go to properties, where you see the address URL, copy that and then paste it in the box when you are replying to the thread where you see the little yellow sky and green mountain. then click ok.

    hope that helps you!

    or actually when you click on the view full size, save THAT image, than upload them. which ever is easier...