My Cabin Crew Stories!

  1. I just thought I should share with you some stories from working as cabin crew.

    1 -
    I was working a long haul flight and the call button is pressed, so my friend Erin tells me
    too go, so I go along. I had a request for something,

    Passenger - Excuse me miss
    Me - How can I help you?
    Passenger - I have a request for a candle
    Me - I'm sorry but we can't have candles on board for saftey reasons
    Passenger - Why would this be?
    Me - Just for saftey reasons, and for the smoke detectors
    Passenger - Okay then, sorry to bother you.

    I mean what kind of a crazy person wants a candle on board?!

    2 - I get another bell call,
    A passenger with their laptop out asks,

    Passenger - Excuse me miss
    Me - How can I help you sir?
    Passenger - Can I ask why I am not getting an internet connection?
    Me - The reason would be is because we are currently travelling at 500 mph
    Passenger - So no internet connection onboard no?
    Me - Unfortunately not.

    3 -
    Time for breakfast
    We were serving fresh fruit, pancakes, cereal or bacon, eggs etc..
    A passenger far back asks for cereal,

    Me - Sorry, but we don't actually have any cereal left
    Passenger - No cornflakes?
    Me - None
    Passenger - Special k?
    Me - We have no cereal at all
    Passenger - Not even coco-pops?
    Me - Sorry we have no cereal at all on board
    Passenger - okay I will take cornflakes and banana
    Me - We dont have any cereal mam!!
    Passenger - Ooh sorry I didnt hear you!

    4 -
    It was around New-Year last year, a passenger asks for an on-board party,

    Passenger - Excuse me mam
    Me - Yes, how can I help you?
    Passenger - Well as its around new years time, can we pop some party poppers?
    Me - We can't actually do that I am afraid, as its a explosive and explosives are strictly banned on-board.
    Passenger - Not even on new year?
    Me - Unfortunately not
    Passenger - Oh Okay then

    Passengers can be very dumb at times, I have lots more too come.
    I like to write all these in a diary and it just makes me laugh so much!

    Lots more to come!!

  2. lol this was great. keep it coming..some people are very amusing!

    candles? internet? party poppers? are u crazy! lol.
  3. one of my flights, these 2 complete strangers that sat in front of me, they didn't know each other prior to the flight...

    well, throughout the whole flight, they got to know each other, and then about an hour later they started making out!!!!! ( yes, i could see you! right in between the crack of the seats!)

    big wow. but anyhow, after our landing, got our luggage, those 2 acted like they didn't know each other and just smile and went on their happy way. i saw this for myself b/c when the girl's family picked her up, he walked by her and they both acted as if they didn't know each other and each went on their own happy way.

  4. :nuts:
  5. ^^ gosh the things people do! This thread is too amusing! Lol Keep it coming. =)
  6. interesting stories! love to hear more!
  7. Oh wow...those are great! Keep 'em coming!!!!
  8. HHAHAHA love reading these!!!!
  9. LOL why on earth would anyone want a candle on the plane?!
  10. well i was on emirates once..i was the only passenger in first class..long haul...and the head stewardess brings this guy from the back and seated him in front as well...and she kept kissing him as she was walking by...and im like...:wondering it was about 2 years ago though...

  11. Surely she was related, like her DH or bf... no? LOL!
  12. I was on a flight one where the guy beside me tried to make the flight attentants move the life saving equiptment in the over head locker so he could but his luggage in it. She tried to explain that she couldn't move it but he was insisting in the end she had to get really firm and tell him that she was not going to move it it is important to know exactley where it is when needed he still wasn't getting it and moaned on for the rest of the flight
  13. I love these stories. LOL at the cereal thing. I completely understand about people not listening when they ask questions. Sometimes they just want to look like they care.

    If anyone wants to hear more stories from a flight attendant, I highly recommend Plane Insanity by Elliott Hester.
  14. lol how funny..people need to learn how to listen...
  15. Lol, I love these stories. Keep em coming! :yes: