My Cabas Mezzo arrived from Elux!

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  1. Thank you for those who helped me to get the Cabas Mezzo. It is simply gorgeous. I love the size of the bag! (I was watching the E! last night, and there was a clip of Angelina Jolie carrying the bag as she was holding Zahara, in the airport I think...don't think anyone good look as good as her w/the bag, but nevertheless, I love it!) Here are the pictures!

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  2. oooh. it looks great against that red sweater. so nice and fresh.

  3. It's gorgeous, and looks great on you !
  4. It's lovely! I have been thinking about this one...I don't have any LVs. Congrats! I am sure you will love it!
  5. *gasp* ! I hope you do fall in love with one and take one home asap ! :lol:
  6. That's a good size!!! I was thinking about the Alto but I think they don' make it anymore so I was bummed but this is a good size! Congrats!!!
  7. Congrats! It looks great.
  8. congrats! that looks like the perfect size...I wonder if one of the Saleya's is close in size to the Mezzo...I couldn't do the naked vachetta with my 2 year old!!
  9. Beautiful bag Bella!

    Did the LV Cabas Alto get discontinued? :sad: That was a REALLY cute bag...
  10. Oh, I think the bigger Saleya (bigger one) was close in terms of dimension (maybe 1" smaller). The Mezzo might fit a bit more than the Saleya b/c how it's more opened and wide at the bottom than the shape of Saleyas. I did consider the Saleya and think it's beautiful. And although my biggest worry is the vanchetta on the bottom, I wanted to make sure I have room to fit all the baby stuff in (that is, once I have one first!). I'm hoping it won't get too ruined on the bottom. :sad2:

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  11. Yep, the Cabas Alto was discontinued. It was a pretty big bag, kinda reminds me (size-wise) of the sac shopping.
  12. It looks great on you!!! Congrats!!!
  13. OMG!!! It's beautiful!!! Wear it well!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. nice! it looks GREAT on you!
  15. I think you are going to love it! Its a great bag, congrats!!