My Cabas Mezzo arrived from Elux!


Jan 22, 2006
Thank you for those who helped me to get the Cabas Mezzo. It is simply gorgeous. I love the size of the bag! (I was watching the E! last night, and there was a clip of Angelina Jolie carrying the bag as she was holding Zahara, in the airport I think...don't think anyone good look as good as her w/the bag, but nevertheless, I love it!) Here are the pictures!


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ETenebris said:
It's lovely! I have been thinking about this one...I don't have any LVs. Congrats! I am sure you will love it!

*gasp* ! I hope you do fall in love with one and take one home asap ! :lol:
That's a good size!!! I was thinking about the Alto but I think they don' make it anymore so I was bummed but this is a good size! Congrats!!!
blackbutterfly said:
congrats! that looks like the perfect size...I wonder if one of the Saleya's is close in size to the Mezzo...I couldn't do the naked vachetta with my 2 year old!!

Oh, I think the bigger Saleya (bigger one) was close in terms of dimension (maybe 1" smaller). The Mezzo might fit a bit more than the Saleya b/c how it's more opened and wide at the bottom than the shape of Saleyas. I did consider the Saleya and think it's beautiful. And although my biggest worry is the vanchetta on the bottom, I wanted to make sure I have room to fit all the baby stuff in (that is, once I have one first!). I'm hoping it won't get too ruined on the bottom. :sad2:

Thanks everyone for the comments!