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  1. whoa beautiful bags
  2. It’s a lovely collection. Warm, easy, clean-lined and luxurious.
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  3. Beautiful! If you ever tire of that Pekary or Double Nodini, you know who to call!
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  5. That's BV all the way...
  6. I'll make note! :lol:
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  7. Thanks!
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  8. Nice variety of classics, fun colors, and special leather treatments in your collection. Excellent! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.
  9. My pleasure, I hope to continue to add to the collection for a long time!
  10. Oh wow did I enjoy that eye candy! Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks for looking!
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  12. Your BV collection is just beautiful....
  13. Thank you!
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  14. You are very welcome! BV bags were never on my radar but i saw some BV beauties on someones collection thread, and have been checking out all the BV threads now....really loving them, and your collection is just stunning :heart:
  15. Without speaking to the current collection the bags under Tomas Maier were beautifully constructed. They're well worth a visit for sure!
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