My BV SA left!

  1. Since I started buying BV, I've purchased almost every one from the same woman at the Chicago store. I just talked to her last week. Today I called with a question and they said she's not there anymore. The person on the phone gave no indication what happened when I expressed surprise that she was gone. This may sound trivial, but we had a friendly relationship and she was so helpful and nice. Now I feel like I'm starting over. Ugh--it's really a bummer.
  2. I'm so sorry. It is like starting over... They get to know you and your taste, and it's nice to call and have them know your name. I hope you can find someone who is equally as good in the near future!
  3. Ouch!
    Best of luck on finding a replacement SA!!
  4. Thanks for the sympathy. It is trivial if I put it in perspective, but darn it, she is the only SA I ever really looked forward to working with. Oh well, my shallow obsessing over Bottega Veneta will survive with another SA.:shrugs: