My BV Flats have Arrived!!!!!

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  1. the BV woven flats were on sale at (they were 50 off!:yahoo:) and i HAD to have them... i couldn't decide which color to get so i got both the ebano and the nero and i was going to decide when i saw them IRL. they are beautiful! i'm leaning towards the ebano because i love how buttery soft the brown looks. even though i have a medium veneta in nero and the black would be a perfect match... i don't think i should keep it just because it matches, right? i've also attached a picture of my current collecting, minus ottone sloane and magnolia large veneta. what do you ladies think, which pair looks better?
    DSC00052.jpg DSC00055.jpg DSC00053.jpg DSC00050.jpg
  2. You MUST keep both! That is a damn comfortable shoe. I have Ebano and Ferro in those.
  3. I love these shoes! Great price too.

    I wish my feet were not so wide. I'm sure these would never fit me. :sad:

    Congrats, and I think you should keep them both too.
  4. Great collection you have! And those shoes are SUPER CUTE!!! Congrats!!
  5. i would love to keep them both! but i want to get the same pair in cobalt (when it goes on sale, of course) and i'm wondering if 3 is too many? :confused1:
  6. If you can afford to keep both, then do so. It would be really hard to find these again in stock at such a good price. The black, ebano and cobalt all have such a different feel to them even all 3 would be ok. They look very good on your feet.
  7. If you have to choose, I think the ebano looks great.
  8. Super beautiful and practical too! What more could you ask for?
    I have very wide feet, but BV shoes fit me just fine. I can't wear a lot of brands, like Gucci.
  9. Agree here.
  10. Lucky you! They never have my size on sale...[​IMG] I'd definitely keep both and get the cobalt too, but if I had to choose one, it would be ebano, no doubt about that.
  11. Great collection and love the shoes! I'd keep both but if I had to choose then definitely ebano. Think it'll go with more of your bags in your current collection (just my 2cents worth)
  12. If you can keep both, then do so !! Lovely shoes and a great collection!!

  13. ^^Really??? Do you size up?

    I really should try them. They're so lovely.
  14. Keep the ebano.:tup:
  15. Keep them both:smile: they look great :smile: