My buyer wants a refund.

  1. I had sold a LV bag on eBay over the weekend. It was in brand new condition. The only fault on the bag was the scratches on the gold plate on the front of the bag. The seller had contacted me today and said that there are scuff marks on the corners and a tear in the lining. I didn't notice these things and I think I would have noticed the rip especially when taking pictures of the inside. She said she will take pictures and show me so I am waiting to compare the pictures.

    But the thing is, that when I shipped the bag on Monday, I got a tracking number and when I just tracked it, it still says "The U.S. Postal Service has received electronic notification from our Automated Postal Center (APC) in PLATTSBURGH, NY 12901 on August 27, 2007 to expect your shipment for mailing. " So does that mean that there is a delay on the tracking system and it may have been delivered? Or is the buyer trying to play me for a fool?
  2. The post office may be behind, but typically it is scanned when it is delivered.
    I'm sorry this is happening!! Did you put a some type of security tag on it, so you know the bag she sends back is really your bag????
    I decided to do this with the items I have on sale now....
    If you really doubt the tear in the lining,etc. have her return the bag. If it's a possibility, off a nominal refund off sale price? Just trying to think of ways to avoid eBay problems...
    Hope it all works out, let us know!
  3. i hope she isn't doing a switch...what is her feedback like?
    as for the post office there could be a delay
  4. She has 100% feedback and has bought numerous other LV items as well as coach and chanel. I never thought of putting a security tag. I wouldn't even know what to use. What do you suggest? I purchased the bag from an international seller at a very low price and I figured I could resell it on the US eBay and make a profit. I'm thinking of offering her a refund or discounted price (which she asked for) even if it means I won't make a profit on it just to avoid eBay problems. The weird thing about it is even if the post office is on a delay, there weren't ANY reportings of shipment at all. Usually they let you know about all of it's stops and since the bag went from New York to Montana, I'm sure it didn't go straight there without any stops.
  5. usually this means someone purchased postage online but has not taken it to the post office yet.

    OR they purchased postage at a kiosk at the post office and the package has not been picked up from the bin and delivered to the distribution center.
  6. You could tell a little fib saying that you have a seller's mark on the bag and will not refund any money until you verify the seller;s mark is present. That usually scares off most scammers. check her feedback and make sure she hasn't recently purchased the same bag and is gonna do a switch!

    That the future...ALWAYS put security tags on your expensive items. It discourages situations like this.
  7. If you shipped it priority mail, very rarely does the tracking actually show all the stops the package makes. I think I've only had a couple out of a few hundred that showed tracking information. Most only show when it is delivered. USPS tracking is VERY unreliable.
  8. I brought it to the post office and did the automated postage through the little kiosk thing and I put the package where it is supposed to go to be shipped and the tracking still says that is there, so I don't know how she said she received it.
  9. Really? I've never before had problems using Priority Mail and it almost always shows the entire history of the package, whether I purchased or sold it.As for the people suggesting security tags, can you please explain to me how you do that?
  10. yeah thats wierd. I've never had a problem before. The USPS website has always been pretty reliable for me anyway about posting when a package was delivered. you purchased delivery confirmation, right?
  11. i say you wait until morning, maybe the post office is slow andit should be updated by tonight or tomorrow and tell her you have a secret sellers mark.
  12. I just checked and tracking again and it was delivered this afternoon. I already responded to her and told her to take pictures. This was before I made a post here. So how do I continue with the "seller's mark"?
  13. don't offer her a discount or partial refund. Offer her a full refund. Tell her you will refund her money AFTER you receive the bag and can verify that it is the bag you sent her by looking at the security mark you put on it. See if she backs down. Also let her know that you have photos of the condition of the bag before shipment, you will not give a refund on the bag if it is not in the same condition that you sent it in.

  14. I will try that, but she can still damage the bag before she sends it back to me.
  15. I think avoiding a huge hassel is worth refunding after you receive the item back in the condition in which you sent it. Do your instructions on the listing page address this issue? I tell my buyers"I will refund your purchase price if an error has been made in the description of the item and after it has been returned to me in the exact condition in which you received it. No refunds on shipping-ever." This way they know it has to be in the exact condition. I just received a top back minus all tags-obviously worn. No Refund given and I just included the info above so there was no argument. Make it clear to your buyers-it really helps in these situations.