My Buyer Solicitated by Someone Else??

  1. I listed a purse, the auction ended I got paid via Paypal. The next day I get an E-mail from my buyer saying they got an E-mail from an AOL account asking if they were still interested and asked them to please pay. How did this "AOL Account" get their E-mail address. Does this mean my account has been hacked? Any thoughts? Thanks! :confused1:
  2. If your winning bidder's eBay ID was displayed on the ended item, they could have been contacted through eBay's "contact member" feature by anyone without using your account. Maybe ask the buyer how they received the email; whether it was directly addressed to their personal email or sent via eBay messages, and if they've sent a copy to ebay (as spoof mail). If it was direct the scammer would need the buyer's email address, which could indicate a problem. Change your password to be on the safe side and tell ebay what happened.
  3. Thank you so much little peanut!! You are the best.
  4. You're welcome!
  5. You could ask the buyer to forward you the email so you can see exactly what it says. It's possible that your account wasn't hacked, but it's a spoof email.
  6. I get these spoofs all the time. ALWAYS check to see if it came through Ebays messaging system. Even if it did, send it to They'll let you know if its a real email or not.