My buyer is freaking me out

  1. The buyer for my MJ bag that just sold just sent me a message about sending the receipt so she could be sure its authentic. In my auction I said would include the original price tag and info cards with the cotton sleeper and the purse. I didn't say anything about the receipt (because I send them to my accountant who stores them for taxes etc). So, I COULD get the receipt but it would be a huge hassle and I would have to wait a week or two for it.
    BUT I never said I would include the receipt! AGH! Now I am afraid to send the bag because I am afraid the buyer will cause some sort of problem- a friend just told me a horror story about Paypal refunding a buyer on a legit transaction! EEEEK! :wtf:
    Any advice?
    Oh, buyer does have positive eBay feedback.
  2. eek.. bad situation.. take lots of pics of the bag before you ship it just in case the buyer comes back and says its fake- a similiar situation happened to me once, i sold a bag and the buyer said it was damaged when she received it, and the bag in the pics that she took was NOT the bag i sent her - half the shearling was off...not the exact situation plus the bag was onyl an uggs bag.. but try to have other pics in addition to your eBay listing..luckily eBay did not refund her.. when i'm the buyer i feel like ebay doesn't do enough to protect the buyer..and when i'm the seller vice versa..

    and from the other forums its pretty hard to certify that a bag is fake or i dont know how the buyer could PROVE that its fake.. so if she tries to post pics, its basically her pics against yours, good luck!! hope it is a smooth transaction..
  3. Hm, she may be just covering her ground - as a buyer I have also asked sometimes for proof of authenticity but mainly bec I was worried I had bought a fake bag. You know what ebay is like....

    Why don't you just tell her that the receipt was not really meant to be included, and that you will provide all the info you stated in the auction. You can then judge based on her response. But, I think you should still take pics bef you send bag off.
  4. I wouldn't let that freak you out. I ALWAYS ask for the receipt, for three reasons:

    1. To help prove authenticity (obviously if I can get the original its nice, so I know its not a "faked" copy.

    2. It makes me feel better having it

    3. For potential future resale. I buy a bag thinking I'll keep it forever, but you never know. I bought a used LV Damier Sariaa as my first bag, but ended up wanting to sell 3 years later. Luckily my seller gave me the original receipt, and it helped me to resell a bag i bought used.

    I usually provide the original if I have it to buyers, with my info crossed out and also written on it, for sale to "__insert name________" granted they can always photo it and alter it. But they can do that with a copy too.

    What I have offered if I can't locate the original is, sending an email to my buyer saying;
    I purchase this bag on X date or around X date
    from X store
    at x location (city, state)

    If buyer decides to resell, new purchaser of bag may contact me for further information on authenticity.

    Hope that helps.
  5. If your listing did not say it would include the receipt then you are under no obligation to send it. I would tell her that you are not comfortable sending your personal info but guarantee its authenticity. I would also encourage her to go and have it authenticated if you are certain...
  6. Just explain to her that your auction did not state receipt & that you have to keep for taxes which all ebay sellers have to pay :sad: I never give out my receipts for that reason also Make sure she is happy enough about the situation before you ship the bag.
    Also tell her that she should have asked about this before she purchased the bag.
  7. I'd just tell her you don't have it. You could just tell her to take the item to be authenticated if she's uncertain and you're sorry, you don't have it. Not all people save receipts.
  8. Like I said, I always ask, but if I can't get it. Thats that. The buyer has to be respectful of their seller. If the auction didn't say you are going to get it, then its not guaranteed.

    Her asking, I would freak out about.

    Now, if she gets weird after, or is not understanding, becomes pushy about the issue, or you get an overall bad vibe, then I'd take precautionary measures. Take pics, you can even video yourself packing the purse and slapping the signature requested label on it (most digital cameras have that).

    I'd definately send with sig confimration, I did delivery confirm, and that wasn't enough. I also had a charge reversed by paypal. They said, that the package could have been left and stolen, and it was my problem not the buyer. I think it was a load of crap, and the buyer ran of with my LV purse. :hysteric:
  9. hi i am sorry to butt in but i saw the ebay thread and got curious because i am trying to save up for hermes but might buy it on ebay. if i were your buyer i would probably ask for receipt too but that does not mean you or buyer are bad. if you have the receipt maybe it would be really nice for you to go the extra measure to get a copy of it for her and cross out your personal info. if its a real bag i know it seems like a big hassel but it would look good for you and make buyer happy? again sorry to butt in as i know i am new.
  10. I have something similar situation. I just sold my authentic gucci bag and wallet ( I bought it myself at gucci boutique ) I sold to this lady living in canada on ebay. I spent extra money than she paid for on insurance and shipping went thru trouble to mail it to her. Its 1000000% authentic. After she recieved it she did not even contact me she just did chargeback. I posted on paypal dispute send it back I will issue refund. She did not email me she just escalated to a claim. My money is taken away from my checking account thru paypal. I do not know who told her its fake or she just changed her mind or buyers remorse. Now Iam scared if she sends it back what if she destroys my handbag and sends it back or send some fake bag back? Can anyone tell me what to do? We are talking about $1000 here. The woman is si nasty. She has 20 positive feedback but has not done buss on ebay since 2 years. Iam sooooo in trouble. Any adice?
  11. You can tell her that you don't have the original receipt or it was gift or something like that. For any sales above $250, paypal requires that the item is shipped with signature confirmation to qualify for seller protection delivery confirmation is not enough. Paypal is good for buyers not for sellers. Check out the feedback of your buyer, is she a newbie? or is she fairly established? Be wary of everyone, but especially of newbies. Good luck!
  12. I'm sorry this happened to you. Did you send to a confirmed address and get signature confirmation on the items? This is why I don't sell out of the US for items more than $200. Did she go through paypal claims or just straight to her credit card? Paypal cannot go into your checking account to take the money, but they can freeze your paypal balance. Call them up and ask to speak with a supervisor and explain your situation. Do you still have the pictures of your items and the receipt for them? You can provide paypal with those and it should help your claim. Good Luck!
  13. Thanks so much for your reply. It was a unconfirmed address. I was very hesitant to send to canada but did not realise until bidding ended she was from canada. She just paid right after so I just went to PO mailed with insurance. I did not print postage through paypal so Iam not covered by paypal. NEVER sell to CANADA. My Paypal did ot have enough so they took it of my checking and is on "held" She did chargeback on entire amount includin S&H I had charged her $20 for shipping but had spent $35 on S&H + insurance. I just want my handbag back safe. She can take her money back but my expensive bag what if she ruins it or sends me fake. This is worst person because she even refuses to email me she just escalted to a clain in 2 hours. Looked like whole thing was a set up. GODDD!!!!
  14. oj yea I still have the pictures but they are of my bag and wallet which were posted on the auction but I the postage paperworks of insurance and stuff. What do I do ? what do I say to paypal. Do I have any say or do I have to kiss my bag goodbye?
  15. I do not have reciepts of my handbag as they are a couple of years old and I did sell it as used.