My Butterflies From the VCA Flying Beauties Collection

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  1. Dear Tulip, you need a bangle. :lol:
    Picture taken when I was fooling around at the boutique. I do not own these pieces. :girlsigh:

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  2. Hi Tulip I'm not usually on the VCA forum but saw the PurseBlog round up featuring you and HAD TO come check this out! This is absolutely stunning and your photo of the butterflies between the flowers is so gorgeous! Love butterflies!! I like your style :tup:
  3. This is so amazingly beautiful.
  4. :loveeyes::drool::faint:

  5. So beautiful!!!
  6. Oh wow those bangles are fantastic with the ring! :heart::faint:

    All 3 look gorgeous on you! Are you saving your pennies for maybe one of them? :graucho:

    Thanks so much for the picture. Now that's the way to do it! :cloud9:
  7. Oh Vanana, thanks for letting me know I hit the Blog! I don't frequent it so I would have probably missed it! Thank you ever so much for letting me know! :smooch:

    I'm so glad you like the ring and the flowers. Come by the VCA thread now & then. It's really something. :loveeyes:
  8. Isn't it though! So glad Miss bbjam snapped this gorgeous pic at VCA. What I would give to have all 3 of those! :biggrin:

    I'm with you! I just about fell off my chair when I saw this collection on bbjam. A person can dream...:tender:
  9. Oh thank you ForeverinPink! Oh wow, love your Moniker. I just love everything pink. I think the Pink Gold just makes this BTF ring. It's striking up against the MOP IMHO. I think that's what makes this ring one of my favorites. :love:
  10. Oh my this is gorgeous Tulip!!!! 😻😻😻
  11. Wow!! Yes Tulip needs a bangle! 😹
  12. Such a beauty! Never seen one of these!
  13. I really like this piece!!!!

  14. Thank you and ITA, the pink gold makes it all the more special :hugs:

  15. *sigh* one day......beautiful!