My Butterflies From the VCA Flying Beauties Collection

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  1. Thank you BBC! I'm loving it! :smile:

    Thank you Noreen! It's actually only one ring. Its a BTF (Between The Finger) ring. Genius VCA!

    Thanks periogirl! Although I only have fur babies I still had a nice day. :smile:
  2. Gorgeous!!
  3. I love it too my girlie girl from Texas! I'm thrilled to have it. I would love to see your collection! Do you have a Thread with that? :smile:
  4. Thanks birkin! I'm so very happy with it! :smile:

    I'm glad you liked them. I saw a beautiful bloom and I went right for it. My butterflies liked it too. They tried to fly off and sit on the flowers! :lol:
  5. I'm with you on that one chaneljewel! God new what he was doing when he created the lovely butterflies. :tender:

    Then VCA made a beauty of its own.
  6. Thank you pazt! ;)
  7. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it too! ;)
  8. Oic. May I know what flower it is called? It certainly is pretty and I may attempt to grow it 😆
  9. It looks like plumbago auriculata, Val.

    Beautiful ring Tulip! Those "wildlife" photos are stunning!
  10. Oh my Sister told me what it was and I keep forgetting it! I'll try to get it from my Sis again! I'm terrible with remembering flower & plant names. :shame:

    This one is so easy to grow too!
  11. Yes, yes, that's it! Thanks Jules! :hugs:
  12. Plumbago auriculata from dear Jules! :flowers: Just wanted to make sure you got the name. Plant it everywhere. Give it something to grab on to and it will grow as tall as you want it to.

    It's by far the star of my atrium! ;)
  13. Tulip2, since you are such a fan of the flying beauties, i thought you might like to see one of the butterfly plates I mentioned – they are not so hard to find nor I believe very expensive. I have spotted more than a few in local antique stores or on eBay. I believe my grandma bought this one on a cruise in the 60s. :smile:

    I LOVE your gorgeous new ring -- it captures some of the changeability and iridescence of the real thing. Enjoy!

  14. Wow that's gorgeous! I've never seen anything like it. I'm going to check this out. Can't help it... I just love butterflies too much.

    Thanks for the lovely picture! You're a dear! :hugs:
  15. i share your love for butterflies
    and thank you for sharing your beautiful ring - lovely lovely lovely

    i really appreciated that framed butterflies from nyc also =)