My Butterflies From the VCA Flying Beauties Collection

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  1. So beautiful! Your nail polish is a perfect match. Enjoy!!

  2. Love!!! Have you ever seen the plates that were popular in the 50's and 60's with the blue morpho butterfly wings arranged under glass? I have found some on eBay...
  3. Tulip2, you have given this ring so much more life by wearing on your beautiful hand :heart:
    It looks even more gorgeous :winkiss:
  4. Beautiful ring!!
  5. :loveeyes: both rings are absolutely gorgeous Tulip love it ... congrats
  6. Very, very beautiful! Happy Mothers' Day!
  7. I love this ring so much.
    Congratulations 🌷🌷
  8. Stunning ring! 😍 Congrats!

  9. Lovely pictures !! Beautiful piece !!
  10. OMG this ring is stunning :loveeyes:and looks absolutely perfect on you, major congrats:heart:

    My DH placed a special order for the pink sapphire version of this ring for me due to my size not being available, however after waiting for 7 months the ring did not fit me due to the SA placing the wrong size for my order :sad: thankfully the store was able to take that ring back and place a new order in the correct size =) so now I'm waiting to get her back :love: Enjoy your beautiful ring! Btw, I also have some of those acrylic butterfly cases, love seeing yours!
  11. Oh big congrats on getting the Pink Sapphire & Diamond. That's going to be gorgeous! I've found that when it comes to VCA rings, my sizing is all over the place. It can range from 2 to 3 sizes different than my standard size. So sorry you're having to wait... again. Maybe they'll get it done quickly. :yes:

    Regarding my flying butterfly case, I love that thing. It hangs prominently in my Great Room for all to see. I've had it for years but never tire of seeing it. If you get a chance, show me a picture of yours. Would love to see what you have!
  12. Incredible tulip! Such a beautiful, special piece! I adore butterflies too and have butterfly bushes in my back yard to attract them. i awe at their magnificent beauty!
  13. so beautiful!!!
  14. Oh thank you bbjam. I felt it just had to be shown with flowers. :smile:

    Thank you val! This particular plant flowers several times a year. It's my favorite.

    I'm glad you like it dialv. It's gorgeous IRL too. :heart:
  15. That was by design. I had a manicure to match while on my way to pick it up. :biggrin: Glad you like it!

    No I haven't seen those. They sound gorgeous. Haha the last thing I need is to be addicted to another collectible. :lol:

    How sweet of you to say. Actually, my hands have looked this way since I was about 17. Luckily I have long strong nails. :giggles:
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