My Butterflies From the VCA Flying Beauties Collection

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  1. I have always been in love with Butterflies. My house reflects this love in so many ways. So when I saw the VCA Flying Beauties Collection, I texted my SA right away. It didn't take me long to find just the right one.

    I went to VCA as soon as I could. There was no doubt it would be the 2 Butterflies Between the Finger Ring in Mother of Pearl and Diamonds set in Pink Gold. :love:

    My wonderful SA set the ring aside for me. I needed to get myself in order to purchase such a special piece of jewelry. This took some time as I needed to let go of a few more items that were gathering dust. :giggles:

    Alas, the day finally came. I hope you like it too!
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    I want to wish all the Mother's out there a very Happy Mother's Day! My "children" are all fur babies and I love them very much. :kitty::doggie::heart:
  3. Here!
  4. When you step into my Foyer in my home, the first thing you see is an open air Atrium. I keep flowering plants in there to attract butterflies and other "flying beauties". :flowers:
  5. Now I can take my butterflies with me everywhere that I go. How wonderful! :cloud9:

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  6. I think this will be my favorite ring for a very long time.

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  7. I love that I can turn the ring around and have a totally different "view" of it's beauty. The Marquis cut diamonds in the center of each really adds an incredible amount of sparkle.

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  8. VCA did a great job of designing this ring in Pink Gold. It looks gorgeous on both the Diamonds and the MOP.

    Wishing you all a very nice day full of beautiful things... like butterflies do for us! :tender:
  9. [emoji177] Stunning!
  10. I love this ring!!!!!
  11. Thank you so much. I just had to showcase it with flowers from my Atrium. :flowers::heart:
  12. This is one of my favorite butterfly pieces in my home. Found it in NYC at the Southside Seaport. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462745861.906567.jpg
  13. Ohhhh Tulip, this is gorgeous! And you've taken such pretty pictures! :love:

    Wear your beautiful ring in good health and happiness!
  14. Wow I love the photos with the butterfly ring with the flower the best! :tup:

    Thanks for sharing and congrats!

  15. So so beautiful!!!