My Burgundy Riki!!!

  1. I fell in love with this beauty after I saw bonniec's post. Tried calling Casey but it was snapped up after bonniec returned the bag. I kept calling the store till I managed to locate one the week before!!! It arrived just before I went on vacation. Finally managed to take pictures last night! I'm hopelessly in love!!!! :heart: :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Thanks bonniec!!!
  2. Isn't everything about this bag TDF? It's just the perfectly colored red, fabulous style, great size, mmm mmm yum!:party:

    Congrats! It's a beauty (if I say so myself). I'm presuming you got this also at 50% off, no tax or shipping? :dothewave:

    I wonder if Stinkerbelle finally got her Burgundy Riki *shout out*....
  3. yes yes and yes!!!!!! everything about it is just fabulous. I was worried that it might be too small but it turned out to be ok. It's hard to describe isn't it? It's just so gorgeous. Love the Ramona on you! The size is perfect for you.

    I got it at 50% off, shipping cost $60, but I didn't get taxed. :wlae:

    Can't wait to bring her out!
  4. Congrats it is beautiful!!! CAn wait to see some modeling pics.:yahoo:
  5. This is such a beauty! I'm drooling a little puddle around my keyboard!:drool:
  6. Congrats!
    that is such a beautiful bag and the leather is TDF!!

    Modeling pics!!!!!
  7. WOW:drool: Love your Riki:yahoo:
    Hope you enjoy the heck out of wearing her! Post modeling photos:yes:
  8. Beautiful! I :heart: that bag! You are going to love that leather and watersnake trim, they are amazing! And that color... wow! Modelling pics, please! :tup:
  9. I just love your new bag! Congratulations. Great color.
  10. Congratulations! It's fabulous.
  11. NO!! I haven't gotten mine yet! :crybaby:

    I've been tracking it and it's stuck in NYC with a "Clearance Delay" issue! I'm about ready to drive to NYC myself to rescue it and God help the Customs fool who gets in the way of me and my Choo! ;)

    I just emailed to see if they can expedite the release of the bag in case it's a matter of missing paperwork, and hopefully I'll hear back soon.

    It appears the issue is with the watersnake trim. The package description is for a "Fish & Wildlife" item. In doing some research I found that items made from certain wildlife products being importd have to be shipped with that descripton, and there is also some additional paperwork involved. Maybe JC forgot to include the paperwork?

    I am SO hoping my bag will soon continue on it's journey, it's seen all the NYC sights...the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times's ready to come home to Connecticut to live a simple, quiet life with ME! ;)

    I'll keep you posted, but I thnk if I see one more freaking burgundy Riki/Ramona on this board before I get mine? I will will go :nuts::nuts::nuts:!!!!!
  12. So it's a New York thing? That sounds ridiculous. Hang in there. It will only make you stronger and love your bag more... :okay:

  13. Day Four of the "Clearance Delay". I no longer leave the house. I sit by the phone 24 hours a day awaiting instructions on a ransom drop. I will prevail. My bag WILL one day make it's way to my house in one of those gaudy yellow and red bagnapper mobiles. I must stay strong. ;)

    I hear ya Bonniec! I now feel that once the bag arrives I will be so in love with it and I will appreciate it even more for everything we had to go through to be together! Okaaaay.....ya know what? I really need to maybe let this go for a bit! :p

    I'll definitely post pics of my wayward bag as soon as it arrives!
  14. WoW! That bag is absolutely lovely! Congrats on your new beauty! :smile:
  15. Thanks everyone!

    I haven't brought her out yet, just grabbed her for a few pictures since I haven't had my shower yet :p

    Btw, stinkerbelle, I'm sending lots of good karma over to you. ;)
    IMG_5812.JPG jc4.JPG