My burgundy Dior bled, looking for large Choo

  1. Hi all. While looking on line for my next dream purse, I found this great forum! Anyway, I had a burgundy Cannage Dior bag that I loved. The burgundy dye, however, bled whenever any type of cream would touch it. After putting on hand cream my hands would turn red! The CD boutique tried to "treat" the dye to no avail. They did take it back and refund my money. However, I bought five pairs of shoes to match this bag and need another burgundy one to fill the position. I bought a burgundy Chloe on eBay (never again). One half of the zipper jams, the zippers are actually too short to fully open the bag and it is more of a plum color than burgundy. Now I want a full sized large Ramona Jimmy Choo in Burgundy. The larger ones have been pulled for summer. Only the smaller size is available. Any ideas? Many thanks to all.
  2. I saw the cutest D&G burgundy bag at Bloomingdales yesterday. They had it in two sizes. The leather was beautiful, 3 compartments, double handled (which was why I passed on it) that could go on arm or shoulder. It was really nice but I don't know the style name of it. Good luck and sorry about your Dior Bleeder....
  3. I just checked, and they had the JC Ramona available in burgundy "biker" (distressed) leather and watersnake trim. You could also try calling around to JC boutiques. ( had the smaller Riki in burgundy too.)
    [​IMG] had the JC Ramona XL available in burgundy. (This one is really big, like a weekender.)

    Also, the JC Radiant tote is available in burgundy on the Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman's sites.
    JC Ramona from catalogue.JPG JC Ramona XL from NAP.jpg JC from Saks.jpg
  4. The biker bag -- though VERY cute --- is the medium sized bag. The one I am craving is 17" wide at the base. I wrote the site and asked customer service if there is one they put away for the season that I can purchase. I am anxiously waiting for a reply. :crybaby: I saw the one on Net-A-Porter, Nice weekender, but too big for what I want. You ladies are the best! I am obsessed with finding this bag. I'll let you all know how customer service at Choo responds to my whimpering request!
  5. Hey! Cosmopolitan!!! I just reread your thread. DUH to me! Is the biker bag the bigger one but the difference being distressed leather and the $2800 price tag? (I got so confused as the black Ramona I have was $1850 -- I figured it was also a much larger bag!) OMG!!! Could this be the bag that will match the JC wallet I just purchased??:yahoo:
  6. I own a Ramona, and bag #1 pictured above is the regular Ramona. It's available right now on for $1850. Riki is the smaller version, and the Ramona XL is the big weekender.

    Here is the link to the regular-size Ramona in burgundy:

    Ramona at JimmyChoo
  7. Also, here's the page from my JC catalogue showing the size difference between the Riki, the Ramona, and the Ramona XL.

  8. I have a biker leather ramona. it is the regular size ramona, not weekender
  9. My SA at Jimmy Choo said there are some amazing colors coming out for fall. The Mahala is going to be offered in a Vamp color,very deep dark red. I have not had much luck with the JC website locating me the bags I have wanted.Your best bet is calling a JC boutique.If it is available they will be able to find it in thier computer system. the Orlando number is 407-352-6310.Heather has been very helpful.She will email you pictures of any bag you are interested in.Good luck!Remember to post pictures
  10. That's right, JC is using the term "biker" to refer to the distressed leather that they are using this season, not to the size. All three sizes--the Riki, the Ramona, and the Ramona XL--are available in the "biker" leather.

    See these links on

    Riki at JimmyChoo

    Ramona at JimmyChoo
  11. Thank you! I looked at the Jimmy Choo site one evening last week and there were three burgundy bags. The very next day, only the XL was listed. That was the beginning of my confusion on this. Yes, I ordered one last night following your links and advice ( I am so bad!) and can hardly wait for it to arrive! JC is my present favorite with Chloe taking second place.
  12. That's great! Congrats on your new bag. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.
  13. Congratulations!Can't wait to hear all about it:yahoo:
  14. Congrats!
    Let's see a pic!
  15. There was one at the Nordstrom Mall of America as of last weekend. Sad to hear about your Dior bag.:yucky: