My burgandy vintage tote!!

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  1. Here it is!! I was trying to wait to picture with my black one, but sadly my black one is lost in UPS land someplace:crybaby: .
    Wish me luck on getting the black one home...
    burgandy tote 002_1.jpg
  2. OH!

    I adore that!! It's SO gorgeous! I want that!!!
  3. thanks Swanky! means alot coming from you!
  4. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous!! It's the first burgundy in the Vintage Ligne I've seen! Congrats!!!
  5. Awww!

    Seriously, I'm drooling! LOL!

    Does it fit on your shoulder comfortably?
    Can you reveal it's retail?

    :sigh: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bag!
  6. That's a beautiful bag! Yet another bag to put on my list. Ug.
  7. I know, right!?
  8. Orchids and elongreach--thanks for the compliments!! I many bags! Wish you all lived nearby so that we could share...what a collection that would be...bag heaven!
  9. Very nice! Congrats!

    Does that mean you will have the bag in both burgandy and black???
  10. macp6, you have a crazy/amazing collection already. We could fill up a house if we had to merge all of our bags together.
  11. Yes SoCal, I have this sick tendency to buy every Chanel bag I own in two colors. Is there something wrong with me??:shame:
  12. oh my god, that bag is *hot*! Now I have to add another item to my wish list, and I'm already too broke :P Contrats on the bag :love:
  13. Oh! You have the "ark", yes?

    I need a new Chanel now...
  14. LOVE that color, TDF
  15. Yes, that's me:shame: