My Burberry pink check sneaker

  1. Just come this afternoon. What you think about it.
    I think its so so. when I see it online I like it so much but when it arrive its so so for me.

    What you guy think.?
  2. I Love It... Really Nice
  3. I think they are cute!
  4. ^^^ Ditto! Adorable!
  5. love them! they are super cute!
  6. oooooh those r soooo cute!!! =)
  7. Love em! Fun and summery!
  8. I think they're very cute!
  9. aww i think theyre so cute!
  10. so cute, I want a pair. what do they retail for? other colors?
  11. Congrats- the check has a great color scheme!
  12. cute!
  13. i love it. But I cant stay because I'm a troll.
  14. These are so cute
  15. I must get a pair!! So adorable!