My Burberry Loves...

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  1. Just wanted to share my Burberry bags :smile:

    First is my Baby Burnished Leather Tote in Smog, the second is my Beat Check Tote and the third is the Lowry in the Mega Check.

    Attached Files:

  2. beautiful Bags. Congrats :smile:
  3. great bags! especially the leather one :biggrin:
  4. Love the bags - the Beat Check is my favorite.
  5. Great bags!
  6. WOW! Congrats! You have a great collection of Burberry bags!
  7. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Beautiful! You have good taste in bags! Wish I had a Lowry in the Beat Check. :smile:
  9. tegan tell taline i said hi :smile:
  10. congrats!!
  11. Gorgeous bags! Love it!
  12. The Lowry in the Beat Check is so nice...
  13. oh so beautiful...congrats!
  14. Great collection of bags.
  15. Nice bags, thank you for sharing :smile:!