My Burberry haul from the sales

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  1. The sales are finally over (for me at least). I thought I would share the burberry goodies I got from the sales with my wonderful tpfers.

    The shimmer check wristlet is the best deal I've got out of all the items. It was $58:woohoo:


  2. Wow! That is a haul! I love all of it especially the shimmer check items!
  3. WOW!! I love them all! Can I ask you how much the tote was?
  4. OMG, GREAT Haul! I love them all and still have such a weak spot for Burberry...
  5. Thanks for your kind words. The tote was about $300ish. It was 40% off.
  6. Wow, great deals! I love the wristlet. I've been looking for a great deal on one!
  7. Very nice! I ordered a wristlet from the UK/Europe website that matches the black leather ruched shoulder bag I got over the weekend; I can hardly wait for it to arrive (and I got a black belt also).
  8. Gorgeous set! :nuts:
  9. So many amazing founds! I like the bags especially
  10. Lovely stuff!! and great price (especially the tote). Burberry is so expensive in the UK :sad:
  11. Wow you got a great deal!
  12. NICE! I got the same wristlet but I mine was for Christmas from DH....really good sales for you though and nice stuff you got!!!!!! I love all shimmer check!