My Burberry Damaged by some airport employee!!! GRRRRRRR

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  1. On my recent trip to Europe I brought one of my Burberry messenger bags, thought it would always be with me and I could prevent damage from occurring. Well I was right for the most part, I was fully able to keep the bag in perfect condition however i could not guarantee for the people at the airport at the security screening and the ones that check the carry on luggage.
    While traveling through Europe, in I landed in Croatia where I encountered the rudest service, besides that the employee was in a bad mood and decided to yank bags that were going through the x-ray machine. and just chucked them onto some table...and there was not a line of people so no need to rush or anything
    He even yelled/mumbled something and was a complete prick. :mad::wtf:
    The result of that was on one of my bags the stitching that connects the bag and the handle is located had started to separate from the bag it self, I also think i noticed small rip in the canvas around the handle...:cry:its too painful to look:cry:...:mad:I just want to prevent any damage because I really like them. Does any one know if Burberry does repairs? :cry:

    Also I bought it quite some time ago, and dont think taking it to the store would do me any good. Or should I write a letter to the airport? :shrugs:
  2. I wouldn't bother contacting the airport - you said it was in Croatia, correct? I doubt they'd care at all. I doubt an American airport would care at all, too, though. I'd contact Burberry CS and see if they have a repair division that the bag could be sent to.

    Let this be a cautionary tale to everyone - don't take anything through an airport that you'd be sad if it was damaged. When flying, it's a good time to use your most utilitarian bags, if at all possible.
  3. Sorry to hear this. Same thing happened to me with one of my LV bags. I was using it as my carry on and placed it inside of one of the plastic bins to go through the screening. As soon as I sat the bin down to send though the scan an airport lady (Did I say lady? I meant woman) came and snatched the bag up out of the bin and slammed it down on the table. I was so upset but didn't say anything as to avoid any unnecessary security searches or waits. Its actually funny now thinking back on the incident. It was almost like she "hand-picked" my bag.

    Hopefully BB can repair it for you soon. :hugs:
  4. That's terrible, I'd be heartbroken :sad: Based on all the stories I read on TPF, all my designer stuff will go into my carry on luggage, which will continue to remain my cheap throw round luggage bags.
  5. Ugh, sorry to hear about the nasty airport employee and your poor bag. :sad: Contact your local Burberry store and ask if they do repairs. Mine sends it out to a local leather shop. The leather shop actually services the entire mall so they do repairs for Gucci, LV, etc. too. Hopefully your Burberry store has something similar. Good luck.
  6. I really sorry about what happened to your bag. Maybe you should contact the boutique and ask if they can repair it. Good luck !!
  7. I do the same. I bring a large and cheap carry on and place my designer bags in that, so it doesn't touch that dirty band or xray machine!