My Burberry Bags

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  1. Here is my small collection of Burberry Messenger bags. The first bag I had received as a gift, I always use it when I am traveling simply due to its size its perfect, durability has proven it self after all of this time I am surprised that its still intact. I don't abuse them, I just utilize them.
    My second Burberry bag was purchased at a Burberry outlet store, for an incredible price...didn't think twice about it. I've been using it for 2...1/2? years now...and its still like the day i had bought it. :yahoo:
    Sadly I'm not familiar with the edition/style/name/etc. of the bags...:confused1:
    If you know any info regarding them please let me know


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  2. Love the little round one! Very cute! Lovely collection! Thanks for sharing! :tup:
  3. Nice Collection!
  4. Nice collection!
  5. super
  6. Love them both- very elegant, subtle patterns!
  7. I am in awe of your Burberry's. I have been a Coach collector since I was 16 and decided to now set my sights on Burberry. Hopefully, I will get my first this year.
  8. they are worth every penny...:smile:
  9. Great collection!
  10. Great collection, I love Burberry!
  11. lovely pieces! thanks for sharing!
  12. Very nice!