My Bulldog puppy

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  1. OMG! He is SO precious :love:

    My baby-girl is named Molly - she is a French Bulldog.

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  2. OMG!!! HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  3. Awwww... I'm such a sucker for puppies! I love bulldogs, they're so cute especially as puppies. I really want a minature weiner dog, but now I kind of want a bulldog too.
  4. Ahhhhh :love: I LOOOOVEEEEEE YOUUURRRR DOOOGIEEE :love::love::love:

    Please, pretty please post more pics!!! :lol:
  5. How cute!!! :love: I want to adopt a puppy so badly :sad:
  6. Congrats on your sweet puppy!!!

    My first "babies" were two beagles I had adopted from a shelter. They both had to put to sleep a little over a year ago. I still miss them so much. :sad2:
  7. What a cutie!!!!
  8. awwww so CUTE!!!!! hehehe! i want to give Ben a hug!
  9. Sooo adorable!!!
  10. what a dumpling! 2 cute.
  11. i didnt even see this pic @ 1st! look @ those ears. how cute.
  12. What an adorable puppy! We have a Bichon and a Shih Tzu, and they are our children (although we have a child who is almost 17...but the dogs don't talk back as often). Spoiled! Do your dogs have the "Chewy Vuitton" toys?
  13. aw smallfry molly is too cute! and no ET no chewy vuitton for Ben lol but i may just have to get himsome but usually the rotties steal all of his toys like this peanut butter bone we got him maggie just walked over to him and grabbed it and went to into the corner so now we have to buy everything in threes
  14. I LOVE puppies!!!:love: :love: :love: Thanks for sharing your pics! Dog ppl are the best ppl! I have 3 furkids so I must be 3 times as good, lol!!!:nuts: :lol: :lol:
  15. so cute!!!!!!!!!!1