My Bulldog puppy

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  1. ^^^LOL!
    i have to try to find newer pics maybe i'll take some tomorrow if he ever sits still he is constantly trying to get my rotties to play with him and mostly they want nooo part in it lol so he bounces around them like a little bunny
  2. hehe, i have the same problem, she's always moving! everyone figures she's lazy because she's big and round, but that's just how they are! she certainly has more energy than anyone in my family...
  3. Definitely the best breed ever we unfortunately got ours from a petstore :sick::sick: we never bought from a petstore before always private breeders but he just grabbed onto my mom and started to whine and it was all over *shakes head* and she calls me a sucker for puppies... but we are thinking of getting benny a little girlfriend since the rotties are kinda in the eww puppy stage and then we will definitely go to a breeder :smile:
  4. lol i know he looks sooo lazy but all of a sudden he just shoots off and starts to do laps around the living room everybody is shocked nobody expects him to move at all... but he can't run alot because he can't breathe very well after that lol he starts to snort... does yours do the huff puff snort too?? lol its too funny
  5. we actually got the original idea of getting one from one we saw in a pet store...i still wonder if that little found a good home :sad:. he was so cute, we called him Hugo. i still have a pic of him in my phone. i really am a sucker for puppies, and i'm normally against pet stores, but i understand the pull you feel after you meet a wonderful little puppy - i would have been willing to violate my feelings about pet stores for that little guy, so i certainly don't blame you. my mom put her foot down, though, and we got our wonderful girl. turned out for the best for us, but i hope he found a good home.
  6. she huffs, snorts, snores, burps, and just makes pig noises in general. plus she gets what we call the 'drippy face' - since her little snout is so smushed, she gets her entire head into her water bowl and then drips water and drool all over the place for about 10 minutes afterward.
  7. lol i know ben drinks like he is taking a bath my mom is like only let him drink outside its allll over my kitchen!! :lol:
  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw so cute! but i can't let crunchy down, she's cuter! LOL.
  9. lol my parents have embraced her slovenly ways - she's like their third (and favorite :Push: ) child! when my dad takes her out to go to the bathroom in the rain, he actually holds the umbrella down over her - it's HILARIOUS.
  10. That is one CUTE puppy!!! I have a defective biological clock--mine screams: "GET A PUPPY!!!"

    We have four adult dogs now, who I love extremely dearly! But a puppy would make me even happier than several new bags!!!
  11. lol tell me about it i come home to find my mom in the kitchen cooking and talking to Ben i'm like hello? they both look at me and then go back to eachother suddenly i'm the forgotten stepchild! lol
  12. I love bulldog puppies!
  13. haha my mom and dad both talk to her, too. and cook for her if her tummy is upset. and they bought and wrapped christmas presents for her. and she gets a quarter of my dad's bagel every morning. the dog has it MADE, dammit!
  14. AWWW. absolutely precious, congratulations!
  15. Your puppy is so cute! Definitely a good pick-me-up since it's so dreary out today. He's so cute - almost edible....hehe.
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