My Bulldog puppy


Jan 21, 2006
here are some pics of my bulldog puppy just because vlad is a tad obsessed :lol: with bulldogs and naturally Ben is the cutest! lol these pics are when we first got him he was like 10-12 weeks he's now 7 months but i don't have any newer pics on this comp...


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awww this makes me think of when my baby was little....we had her a nylabone just like that when we brought her home from the breeder.

she's a little over a year old now, i posted a thread a while back w/ some pics of her at vlad and megs' request. the puppy stage is the best, take tons of pics! when he gets huge and broad and heavy, you'll never believe that he once fit in one hand.
ranskimmie said:
Oh, I want one so bad. Im just afraid when he grew up he'd eat my Maltese, Misty.

lol we had the same concerns when getting ben. we have two rotties and i wanted a small dog like a maltese but we were afraid that my dog maggie would eat it... so we got Ben (best decision ever) the only thing is that my mom breeds parrots and ben haaates them he sits at the bottom of the cage and the one bird screams "Wanna come out?! and "Maggie Maggie!" and Ben just sits and barks he gets SO angry :lol:
ranskimmie said:
Oh, I want one so bad. Im just afraid when he grew up he'd eat my Maltese, Misty.

bulldogs are not violent in the least! my baby has never so much as lunged after a squirrel in the yard - if she grew up with the dog, i'm sure a bulldog wouldn't have a problem making friends for life with it! in fact, she'd probably try and protect it from anyone who comes to the door - the cassie mae is extremely loyal and protective of my entire family.
Ok It Took Me Way Too Long To Make It To This Thread And I Am Dying Right Now!!! These Caps Are Caps Enough To Show My Love Of That Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vladi Will Completely Just Die When He Sees It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :nuts:
marspalm said:
I know bulldog $$ are out of control but soooo worth it i would spend $10,000 for one if i had too :wacko: lol

me too! our breeders prices have gone up a tad since we got ours since their stud was featured on the front page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution w/ a full page pic on the College Gameday section - it was a story about the University of Georgia-University of South Carolina football game and the UGA mascot is an all-white english bulldog. i, incidently, go to the University of Georgia, as did my father, which is where our love of the breed comes from. you can buy dogs from the UGA mascot line, but those do cost at least $10,000, lol. but each and every bulldog out there is worth millions! greatest dog breed in the world.