My Bulga Beauty!

  1. I just got my Bulga Pudding Flap tote yesterday from - Homepage. I absolutely love it-this photo doesn't do the color justice. It's a bright, beautiful turquiose -perfect for spring here in Atlanta! (80 degrees today!) And the leather is s-o-o-o soft! Best of all it was half price-yahoo!:wlae:
  2. Yay! That color sounds (and looks) gorgeous!!! Isn't the leather just the softest & smooshiest??!! :smile:
  3. [​IMG]Oops-forgot the photo!
  4. Wow! That sure is a beauty! And half price..gee, you can go wrong. Not with that bag.
  5. Gorgeous, glad to hear you love it! I would have grabbed it if that color worked for me. Enjoy!
  6. Gorgeous color, congrats!
  7. congrats! I have one just like it, but in the smaller size. May you wear it in good health!
  8. Congrats! I have this bag in the chocolate brown and love it. I was thinking about grabbing this aqua one but it wouldn't work with my wardrobe. Glad you got it. Enjoy!!! Bulga leather is so soft!
  9. :nuts: ^^Wonderful color!
  10. Thanks everyone-I'll think of you when I carry it! Have a great day! :p
  11. Very cute bag. I also like the brown. Where do you buy handbags in Atlanta? Anywhere downtown? Leads on little known shops with great bags? I've given up on eBay.
  12. I love it!!!! Congrats!
  13. Congrats!!! I always want a bulga bag for a while.
  14. Wooow, it's beautiful. Love the color.
  15. Congrats! :yahoo: