My budding purse collection

  1. So thanks to my loving and generous boyfriend:love: I now have a budding collection of designer purses!! :girlsigh::heart:

    In May 2006 he gave me my LVs (Popincourt Haut and Zippy wallet) then over the last eight months gave me the Chanel (small Caviar Flap) and most recently the B-bag (small Arena Hook). I was hoping to pick up the matching wallet but the store didn't have it- boo!:push: (Anyone know where I can pick up a matching wallet?) He purchased this B-bag purse at a Japanese boutique here in Honolulu -I've been having a hard time finding an Arena Hook online in this small size except on a Japanese website. :shrugs: Was this a Japan/Asia market release? :confused1:

    By the way, does anyone have any suggestions on how to care for/clean/protect my bags- especially the B-bag?? :wondering I've heard about AppleGard and LMB... Which one would you girls recommend?

  2. Beautiful!
  3. lovely collection :love: thanks for sharing ! :smile:
  4. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing! ;)
  5. wow! lovely purses..
    thanx for sharing! :yes:
  6. Gorgeous collection!
  7. Well, you and bf have fantastic taste--what stunning bags to start a collection! Thanks for letting us admire. The Chanel is one of my wish list bags.
  8. Great collection!
  9. Your bf is really sweet, great collection.
  10. What a beautiful collection! Your BF is such a sweetheart!
  11. luv the patina on the popicourt haut!!!!
  12. Lovely Chanel
  13. Very nice!
  14. Beautiful collection! What a wonderful boyfriend! Sounds like a keeper ;)

    I use LMB myself - any good leather conditioner will do
  15. i use LMB on my Bbags and love it. I use it for all my bags, but they have a cleaner specifically for Bbags. Appleguard is good, I rain-guarded my bags with it. Lovely collection, you're a lucky gal :smile: