My budding BOX collection.....*pics*

  1. [​IMG]


    I love my collection of Balenciaga Box bags, in Caramel, Grenat & Light Olive/Origan.

    And Ink is on its way.
  2. Love your boxes! I hope to some day get a box too. Tried an ink box, but it didn't quite work out. :sad:
  3. beautiful collection! :yes: i :heart: the colors!
  4. Such pretty colors- remind me of fallen leaves in autumn:smile:. I have one box and love the size- I wish Bal didn't stop making them!!
  5. Aw thats a shame. I've got ink on its way, and I'm so looking forward to adding her to the Box family.
  6. I love the box - and you have 3 of the best colors!
  7. Me too. They are my absolute favourite. Thanks Bellafleur
  8. Anytime:smile: Hopefully there will be a box thread in the reference section, and you definitely need to contribute these fabulous pics!! I should take a pic of mine too... When I was looking through Jag's request for photos thread, I saw very few box pics. Anyone else have one to show off??:smile:
  9. Lovely box collection !!! Congrats !
    Can't you receive the Ink to see pics ;) !!!!!!!!!!
  10. :drool::drool::drool::tup:
  11. I've just got a Black box. I didn't think I was going to like it as much as my City, but I have to say I think I like it better. Its just a beautiful shape.

    I love these boxes - what beautiful colours. I'm still a bit of a colour phobic but these are so lovely, I may try a few colours soon.

    The leather on your bags looks quite thick, my black one is thinner.
  12. Wow, that is such a gorgeous collection!! *jealous!*
  13. Love your collection! :drool:

    I'm sad to see they are not being made anymore. I love finding structured shapes in slouchy bags.:crybaby:
  14. Wow love all the boxes :smile:
  15. Thanks everyone....I love them too. Hope to get Ink box tomorrow, and will post pics!!