My Bubble Quilt Bowler in Bordeaux PICS!

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  1. Hi everyone, just sharing some (not too great) pics of my new bubble quilt bowler in Bordeaux. I apologize for the bad lighting and the poor focus. I will try to post better photos in the morning.

    I realize it is exactly the same color as my patent jumbo which is still arriving next week, but I love this style and I think because the patent is shinier it looks more red while this looks more brown. Also, the bowler has shiny hardware:smile:
    The photos taken without flash are closer to the true color in real life, however, the color does change a lot with the light. It's a neutral red with a lot of brown undertones - just what I was looking for!

    Thanks for letting me share:smile:

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  2. Gorgeous color! Congrats! It's stunning and I love how it goes from red to maroon! :tup::tup::tup:
  3. I have one word to describe that bag - FABULOUS! :drool: :wtf: :nuts:

    Congrats on scoring one! :yahoo:
  4. Wow!
  5. This is a gorgeous color!!! Congratulations! Can i just ask how much is it selling in US? Thanks!
  6. That's gorgeous, a really beautiful color!:heart:
  7. Thanks kwong, cindy and swanky! I've been wanting a bowler for ages and am so glad I waited for this!!
    G, you should get one too:graucho:
    Piggy, retail is $2850 + tax.
  8. Very nice!
  9. Thanks Hipnycmom. :smile: Envious envious!! :biggrin:
  10. really nice! :tup:Is it comfortable? I was thinking about this in gray.
  11. Ack! Another new bag!! Congratulations Z! It's soooo nice!!
  12. what a gorgeous color!! I love it.. congrats!!
  13. congrats!!! very nice!!!
  14. I love this color :drool:
    This color would make a great neutral for fall. ;)
  15. I love it, wow, perfect color for a bubble quilt