My brother . . .

  1. Starbucks was open on Thanksgiving and I worked until 5:00 that day. (I was home in time for dinner.) We had my (half) siblings and their significant others, some I haven't seen in forever.

    I walk in and put Cherry on the couch, a little bit seperate from the rest of the coats. Later on in the evening, my ('real') brother saw it, picked it up and was turning it over in his hands. He asked me if it was mine and if it was real. I said yes to both. (He didn't know I got it in New York . . . last time I saw him, he remembered me carrying around fake stuff.)

    He then asked me how much it was. FYI: When I got it I was working at Macy*s at the time and put my employee discount. The number I gave him was a ballpark figure of what it would be when my discount kicked in.

    He then slowly nods like, "Not bad."

    Just thought I'd share that story with you.
  2. He got good taste :biggrin:
  3. He even asked me if he could open it so he could see the interior. (All he said was, "Can I open it?" but I knew what he meant by that.)
  4. How cute, I love it when guys get interested in Louis Vuitton.
  5. Cute...a man with fabulous taste!
  6. I hope my baby bro's grow up to have FABULOUS taste!
  7. :lol:
  8. That is hilarious!
  9. It sounds like your brother has excellent taste!
  10. Hahaha. It's funny how some guys just get it. And then some don't. = (
  11. I love it when my brother or little cousins like my bags. It just makes it more enjoyable wearing it around them! :yes:
  12. ur bro is almost the same as mine, but mine is scarier, he used to be my fashion police. when we were still living in our parents house and i'm going out with friends, he's the one who remembered how many times a certain dress used and how i shouldn't wear it anymore in a same occasion. OMG, i was scared of his comments... :P
  13. Haha...I like guys that loves a LV :yes: My husband used to like gucci when I first met him, and later on I kind of force him to like LV hahaha:shame:
  14. Its funny what people notice, glad he was impressed, he has great taste!
  15. see you brother is together dinner,it`s happy
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