My Brother Is Being Stupid!!!!

  1. Hey Guys

    My Brother Has A Few Lv's (7 Bags) And Would Like To Ask A Few Questions, But For Some Reason He Thinks Its ''gay'' Or Whatever To Be Member Here As A Guy. Since I Dont Know Much About Lv I Only Buy And Then Carry Them, Lol, I Cant Answer His Questions. Do You Mind Telling Him Thats Its Alright To Be A Member Of This Site When Your A Guy. I Told Him, When Your Already Wearin Louis Bags For Men, You Might As Well Be A Member On Here, Right?

    Thanks A Lot!
  2. There's actually a lot of guys on this site. He doesn't need to feel silly posting here, we're all very nice and supportive :smile:
  3. Thats What I Told Him Too, There Is This Guy On Here I Saw A Few Times, He Has Got The Dior Overshine Sunglasses In His Pic, And He Seems Nice And Knows A Lot About Lv's, And Is Pretty Popular On Here Too.
  4. I´m a boy and a proud LV purse forum member!
  5. Maybe the word 'purse' gets to him. But I say, join the site! ;)
  6. There are a lot of guys on here, but I suspect if your brother is a homophobe he may be uncomfortable / unwelcome as many (most?) of us guys here are gay.
  7. Yeah, I think just the fact that he's kind of blah about joining might mean he'll feel uncomfortable here. Though I've never seen anyone be anything but nice to guys here in the few months since I joined.
  8. I too hesitated about joining in, but then I couldn't resist but join.. hahaha..

    And I'm a straight guy
  9. Well, if he's applying the word 'gay' as a negative label then he may be right about joining since I like to think members of this forum respect all people regardless of their gender and orientation.

    Gosh I play ice hockey....I wonder if that makes me a lesbian...ooh that would shock/and or delight by BF! :lol: This reminds me of the movie In & Out with Kevin Kline.
  10. oh no no he doesnt have anything against gay people, a lot of his friends are gay, so it has nothing realy to do with being uncomfortable around them, i guess he is just not used to talk about bags so open, and doesnt have the ''blah'' (lol) atitude, he realy is interested in joining, but i guess he wouldnt feel good when people would come up to him and say, are you so and so, because he is wearing dior or whatever. it happens pretty often, that girls thought he was gay, for ex. he had those huge chanel sunglasses (which looked absolutly great on him) and a chanel messenger bag, i'm tellin' ya'll, he was down for the rest of the week. ahhhhwwww i could hug him when i remember back, i felt so sorry for him (cause he had a crush on the girl). and since then he is realy sinsitive about it. i'm sorry if i gave ya'll the feelin that he doesnt want to join cause of this reason.
  11. Your totally right. I dont think Sexuality should come into it...were on a bag forum for christ sakes ! lol :angel:
  12. Sorry but I just dont get why he thinks people will think hes gay...very strange reason. 50Cent has he Gay ??...what about David Beckham ??. It shouldnt really come into it...
  13. I get the impression my response was not welcomed. I was not intending to offend.

    I even stated IF he intended it as a negative since I am well aware that it's a slang some people use.

  14. yes i know, sorry ya'll i shouldnt have started this, i feel uncomfortable right now:crybaby: , i him told him to not make a big drama out of this, either he wants to join or not, sorry again!:sad:
  15. if he likes bags he should totally join!