my brother and LV?

  1. I was having dinner with my brother tonight before I head off, and my car alarm went off, so after I came back in I was just joking around and asked if he wanted a cles, and he actually does. He knows nothing about designers and bags, except for when I ask him for his opinion on any new bag I get because I figure I'll get an objective opinion. I was thinking a black epi one? Would you think it odd with him with a cles? I've never met a guy with a cles so I'm not sure if its unisex? Should I opt for a wallet instead for him? Thanks all.
  2. I know several guys with a cles and I think it's pretty cute. DH is too "many" to carry anything but his wallet so he won't get one.:rolleyes: What-ever.

    Black epi would be perfect. It's too cute.
  3. I'd say either groom, perhpas demin if you want something more funky or a regular mono, damier or dark epi cles is he's more conservative. My brother attaches his key's to his ALL the time and uses it for a bit of cash, credit cards and i.d etc. it's great. Definitely unisex IMO.
  4. a suhali cles would look good on a guy :smile:
  5. i think black epi would look GREAT!!! plus a lot of the LV guys on tPF have cles (take a look at Matt and John's collections.)
  6. I think Suhali would be GREAT, or Damier
  7. Ohhhh I forgot suhali would be GREAT on a guy!
  8. I would love to treat him to suhali, but I can't at this time.

    I'm such a bad influence! He has no sense of style (like myself) but he seems to have taken a liking to my interest, and now maybe we can finally share an interest, and he can one day share this interest with his girlfriend. And maybe treat me to some LV.. :graucho:

    So you think either epi or damier? I don't even trust myself with the groom, so I'd stay away from that for him.
  9. What about a Damier or Groom???
  10. my bf has the damier one and uses it as a coin purse. He uses it all the time. After i got my groom one i enabled him to get his.
  11. I would go with a dark epi (like black) because the color is simple, unisex, and the leather is gorgeous and easy to take care of. You are so great to treat your brother!
  12. i would try and get him a wallet. it seems more practical to me but if you really want to get him a cles i say black epi! it's a classic look and not "girly" lol!
  13. oh, black epi for sure, aarti!

    i just wish my brother had any interest whatsoever in, well, anything that i'm interested in.
  14. As a male owner of 2 cles, I can say that any guy would love and get tons of mileage out of a damier or black epi cles. I do love my groom and orange perfo, but they might be a little much for your some guys.
  15. I'm guy with damier cles;)