My Bronze vernis is different colors...Help?????

  1. For any of you who have more than one bronze piece....are there any differences in the colors?

    My reade pm and agenda are a really bronzy bronze, and the key cles, wallet, and 4 key holder are a lighter shade of bronze. Now, I thought that maybe they have some color fade....but the 4 key holder was brand new from the store! And I am positive that the other items are all authentic. Bought from reputable authentic people.

    That's why I'm so confused as to the color differences. Anyone else notice this at all? Or even with differences in other colors maybe...reds, indigos??

    Thanks all!!
  2. Hmm... that is weird. I only have one bronze piece, so I can not be of too much help. But I wonder if bronze is one of those colors that gets darker with sun exposure rather than lighter? It would seem that if the accessories (one new) are lighter and the bags are darker that something like that could be going on?

    Can you post pics? Also, where did you find a new bronze peice, I thought that has been sold out for years?
  3. Hmmmm......can you show photos? I know the monogram matte finish in bronze is lighter than the bronze vernis. Could it be that?
  4. There is a monogram matte finish??? Thats what those 3 pieces look like. I just posted a thread a couple days ago with the Bronze Family, but you can't really tell from the pics. Let me see if I can find the thread.

  5. The Boston store had a 4-key holder left in stock. I got it from them. I was so excited!!!
  6. It happens. I purchased my madarin epi Jasmin and a wallet yesterday from LV and they are slightly different shades! No biggie.
  7. Well that's good to know, but, it's so weird cause three of the items are exactly the same shade and two of them are exactly the same of a different shade. It's so strange!!
  8. Yep! There is a monogram matte finish. In fact, I strolled into an LV in Vegas last year with my bronze Tompkins Square looking for a matching wallet. The SA pulls out a gorgeous wallet that when put up against my bag, looked much lighter and not as shiny. I almost fainted thinking there was something "wrong" with my bag! Turns out, she was showing me the wallet in the matte finish, not the vernis finish!
  9. ^^ Oh, do you mean the regular matte line? Cause I don't think that line had bronze did they? I mean, no it's shiney and all, but the color itself is less bronzey than the other ones. Does that make sense? This is driving me nuts now......
  10. Yes, I'm talking about the regular matte line. The wallet I was shown was a bronze color but not as dark as my bronze vernis and not as shiney.
  11. The pieces could have been made at different locations at different times!?! I am not worried about mine knowing where I got it. It is a different line (epi) but I am sure it happens with other collections. It may be the dying process? As long as you know they are authetinc then it doesn't matter!
  12. Thanks guys, I know your right. But it's just so weird. I didn't even notice it until I looked at them all in the sunlight. In some lighting they look almost the same but in the sun....whoa!! You can definately see the difference!
  13. tr444 , mine has different shade as well:yes: I have a Tompkins and Reade. They are made in different location and time. Maybe is the dying process as Syntagma mentioned. I won't worry too much as they're still gorgeous:P
  14. OH Lee!!! Thank you so much, could you possible post a pic of them side by side? I would love to see if yours looks like mine. Thanks so much if you can!