My bronze collection is growing!!!

  1. Hi ladies,

    Well, many of you know I'm trying to collect bronze vernis pieces, and I am happy to say in the last 2 days I have added 2 more pieces!!! So I now am up too:

    Bronze Vernis Reade PM
    Bronze Vernis 4-Key Holder
    Bronze Vernis Cles
    Bronze Vernis Broom Wallet (on it's way)
    Bronze Vernis Agenda PM (on it's way)

    I have a little bronze family now!!! I will post a pic of my bronze family as soon as I get the two new pieces....probably a week or so.

    I'm so happy!! Bronze is such a beautiful color I don't know why they ever discontinued it!!
  2. Traci, that's wonderful!!! Congrats!!! Don't you hate waiting for stuff to arrive?!
  3. aww yay! congrats! can't wait to see pics!

  4. Oh God yes!!!! I am a terrible, terrible, waiter. I hate to wait. Then when you get it, the high is over, and your already looking for the next "fix"!!!! :lol: :lol:
  5. LOL So very true!!

    I can't wait to see your Bronze family pic! Congrats!
  6. Congrats! I love the bronze, I have my first piece on it's way too!:yahoo:And waiting is tough...
  7. truth :yes::lol:!

    i'm probably waiting for the most stuff to arrive right now, and none of them are close to getting here yet :crybaby:
  8. We know! But this is Traci's thread. Let's try and keep it this way.:flowers:
  9. I'm so happy for you, Traci!
    Can't wait to see a pic from the family :yahoo:
  10. oh and by the way, what does the Broom wallet look like :huh:?
  11. can't wait to see the pics..
  12. That's great! Can't wait to see your new pieces, and maybe your whole bronze family!
  13. Awesome!

    So true!

  14. Bronze is the best! It can be used year round, and is so rich-looking. You have a great collection! I will love to see the photos.

  15. Well, it's about 3.9 x 4.0 inches I think, and it's square. It zips around and inside has cc slots on one side, a change purse on the other, and a long slot for bills. It is soooo cute!!! Will fit perfectly in the reade pm. Sorry, I don't have a pic.