My BRONZE City from Cricket finally arrived!

  1. It was the very last one Cricket had and shipping/customs fees were astronomical, but the loooong wait was well worth it! (well it was supposed to take 5 business days and should have arrived last week but I didn't get it till today....anyway).

    Will post pics later this evening :smile: . . . but I have to say thank-you first to whomever it was that assured me the bronze color is the classiest of all Balenciaga're soooo right! All my worries about the metallic bronze looking too young or too trendy were quickly alleviated when I opened my Balenciaga box.
  2. Congrats, foxy, can't wait for the pics!!!!
  3. OMG! Please post pics! I can't wait to see them! I've been dying for a city in Bronze metallic since the first day I joined this forum! eeek! you are so lucky!! is it such an amazing colour. it goes with everything! hurry!! :love:
  4. oooh youre the one who snagged the last one!!! I have to see pics!! Congrats btw!!!
  5. Since you snatched this one right out from under me, I demand pics!!! Seriously, congrats on your new bag. I can't wait to see it!
  6. 0o00o congrats!!! cant wait to see pics!!!
  7. congratulations! I know it must be fabulous! :love:
  8. As attached -- the photos in chronological order and taken under different light settings (w/ flash & w/o flash).

    This is the first time I've touched the metallic leather on a Balenciaga, and it definitely feels different from the non-metallic leather from 2005. I guess it's just the nature of the metallic coating. Hope it will gradually soften up with use.
    Picture018.jpg Picture019.jpg Picture020.jpg Picture021.jpg Picture022.jpg Picture023.jpg Picture025.jpg Picture026.jpg Picture027_b.jpg Picture028.jpg
  9. it's gorgeous!! enjoy your new bag!
  10. wow.. gorgeous color
  11. It's so pretty! When you get tired of it, you know where to find me...
  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Congratulations - I'm so glad you finally got it, as you say: well worth the waiting...
  13. OH!!!!!!!!! THAT'S SOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! darn it... now I want one too...!!!
  14. WOW Thanks for the pics foxycleopatra! it's SOOO beautiful, i'm speechless. that's definitely my dream bag! i think the leather will soften up in time. mine isn't so hard feeling anymore. i'm so obsessed with the bronze metallic! Congrats girl! :lol:
  15. :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::love::love::love::love::love: