My bronze Bayswater has arrived!!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I'm so happy with it - it's in excellent condition. There is a tiny bit of wear on one of the corners at the bottom - the bronzing has faded slightly but it is still there and hasn't scratched off or anything. The bronzing on the handle is perfect. Feet, padlock, keys etc - all intact. There is a little Mulberry tree embossed on both the padlock & the clochette - cute!

    It's made in England and fully lined. It's a bit lighter than I remembered, which is good - the glove leather is definitely lighter than the darwin. The bag already has a bit of a slouch to it which I'm really happy about - I don't think it looks formal at all :okay:

    I just managed to take a couple of quick pictures before leaving for work - the second picture is probably the best likeness for colour, although the bag is not at all patchy irl, the flash has just done weird things:



    And with her friend Emmy :roflmfao:
  2. Congrats! Your bag is beautiful. The color looks like a chocolate Bayswater with a shinny coating, even if it gets rubbed off, it would look great too.
  3. fantastic - it looks great! I'm still on the hunt for a chocolate bayswater!
    Fancy posting a modelling picture?
  4. beejerry - it *is* a chocolate Bayswater with a metallic bronze coating :tup: I've been told that the bronzing will fade but it should remain bronze. The only problem is if it gets scratched badly, the metallic coating will probably peel off and show chocolate underneath. Gentle scratches would be fine though - it's far more robust than I feared :happydance:

    flyvetjo - I'll try and post a modelling pic later although the bag will look very small against my largish 6ft frame. I see pics of Kate Moss with her giant Bayswater and it totally reinforces how tiny she is. (Not that I'm comparing myself to Kate Moss, you understand - it's just that we have the same bag :wlae:)
  5. Oh, I LOVE your bag!! It's beautiful and the bronze is such a rich colour. Congrats and I am delighted that you are so happy with it.
  6. Woo hoo! It's gorgeous! :wlae::yahoo:
  7. Congrats - its a stunner!!:yes:
  8. Congrats, it looks great
  9. Congratulations! It looks great, so pleased you love it.
  10. Thanks for your comments, ladies. I am dying to get home to my new bag.... today is dragging so much :tdown:

    Does anyone know if you're supposed to spray glove leather with Collonil? The care card didn't mention it (it's the only Mulberry bag that I've bought where the care card doesn't mention using this spray) so my first thought is not to bother.

    I'm going to use it tomorrow for the first time - now to plan my outfit around it... I'm thinking preppy-chic with a hint of bling :biggrin:
  11. I like it, the metallic is a gorgeous colour :tup::drool::yahoo:
  12. Oh my, it's beautiful :drool::drool: Congrats!!
  13. I have seen the bronze in real life and it has such a lovely subtle shimmer for a metalic bag, you got a good un!
  14. enjoy! it looks fab.
  15. It is beautiful. Congrats!