My Bronze 2006 Reissue

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  1. Is on it's way from NY!!! I'm so excited. Branden told me it will be this same color and leather. I'm also getting the wallet from Rodeo Drive. I'm SOOO excited!!!:yahoo:

  2. it is a gorgeous bag....Is it lambskin?:rolleyes:
  3. WOW!!! That color is tdf! It's sooo pretty! Congrats!
  4. I LOVE that color!
    Is that really a Reissue? I'm confused about that I think!
  5. No, the one above is from the soft vintage collection and it's just a "flap bag".

    But that's the same color that my my 2006 reissue will come in. I should have it by Tuesday next week. I'll post pics right away.:biggrin:
  6. I love it! Congrats!
  7. Beautiful. Congrats.
  8. it's a beautiful color! congrats!! can't wait to see pics of the real thing!!!
  9. What a beautiful color! Congrats.
  10. Please post pics once you get it!! Congrats!! That's a beautiful color.
  11. I can't wait to see it in bronze ... that color is stunning and will look even more stunning on the reissue. Congrats!!
  12. Nice!!
  13. Fabulous color! Congrats
  14. Oh wow, that is gorgeous! I can't wait for you to post pics so I can drool!!! Congrats!
  15. What great news, Smooth! I'm sure that the bag is going to look very special -- kind of glamourous with that bit of metallic.
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