My broken-in Ink Purse

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  1. Hi everyone. I just wanted you guys to share in the love for my broken-in Ink Purse. I have been using this bag a lot lately and a lot since I got it from Barneys several months ago. I loved it then, but I love it even more now. This is my first broken-in bbag...actually this is my first broken-in bag from any designer I have because I don't use any one bag a lot. The leather is thick and gorgeous, and I even love the split tassels and don't mind the imperfections, like the tear on my handle and a couple of fingernail marks. lol Now I understand what you all mean when you say bbags get better with age. :heart:
    Ink 001 467x350.jpg Ink 002 467x350.jpg Ink 004 467x350.jpg Ink 005 467x350.jpg Ink 006 467x350.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! I can't wait until some of my newer bags get broken in; my ink twiggy is like butter (even with being an '06 bag), so I believe it is how much love and use you put into a B-bag to get the desired results.

    Thank you for sharing!!
  3. your ink first is gorgeous! the leather looks like butter. the leather and the bags just keeps getting better and better with use. love that about b-bags.
  4. oo, I bet your ink twiggy is gorgeous!!! I love the ink color! I think you are right about that, because my ink purse wasn't thick when I first got it and now it is!
  5. Thanks, actually it's a Purse, but I wish I would have found an Ink First too! I have a Vert D'eau First and I'm afraid of it getting dirty. I think I need to get a dark colored first.
  6. Very pretty! I've never been much of a fan of the purse style, but I really like the way it looks when it's broken-in like that :drool:
  7. I just love this. The Purse looks so great broken in. Lately I haven't noticed anyone talking about Purses on the PF, but I think it's a fabulous style!
  8. That leather looks melted in :tup: ! I love it, and the color is TDF :love:
  9. ^^ yummy, i absolutely love it girl!!! :tup:...i've got a black one & think it's one of the best & most under-rated styles ever!!! :heart:
  10. Your bag looks so yummy.:drool: I love it when they get so smooshy and broken in like yours.:nuts:
  11. LOVELOVELOVE broken in Bbags :love:. Yours is broken in in the perfect way. Thick, slouchy, stretched handles, and yet still rich color and texture. What a gorgeous bag!!:heart:
  12. the purse style looks particularly good after being broken, it looks too flat at the store. It looks so different after some use. I think that's why its so under-rated! too bad it was discontinued.
  13. ^^ yep, i totally agree, it looks better after being broken-in...and it also looks much better with stuff in it :okay:...i originally had one last year & then sold it, but missed it terribly...i was in "Barney's" in nyc one day & saw a girl with a stuffed & well-loved black purse...right then & there, i knew i had to have one & was lucky enough to find her :love:
  14. I didn't even know the Purse could look that good! It looks heavenly all broken in and smooshy and soft. Love it!
  15. gorgeous!