My *broken in* Ginger Roxanne :)

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  1. Wow, I am so glad to see a Mulberry Forum here! I love my mulberry Roxanne so much. She's been my primary handbag for the last year and I can't tell you how soft she's gotten and how much BETTER she looks. That's one thing I love about Mulberry is the leather! I've had a few Roxanne's in my time, but this one was the most distressed one I have ever had and I just adore her.

    Thought I'd share some pictures of her (since I was photographing my other bags, midas well include her too)

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  2. Gorgeous thanks for sharing mammab
  3. Love ginger!!!
  4. What a gorgeous colour - thanks for showing us! Its great to know how good the mulberries will look after getting used.. i have a choco roxy and I cannot wait for her to get broken in (so to speak)..
  5. That looks gorgeous mammab!
  6. Looks great!
  7. wow- she looks edible!!!
  8. Gorgeous Roxy!!!
  9. Like ginger cake?
  10. :roflmfao:

    Thanks you guys :smile:
  11. It's beautiful and looks well loved.
  12. looks great. i think the distressed look suits the roxy very well.
  13. Wow, beautiful roxy - looks fantastic.
  14. Gorgeous!:tup:
  15. Delicious, so softy slouchy yum!!! :drool: