**My bro is going off to college, so we both needed a lil somthin somthin!**

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  1. #1 Aug 9, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
    Hello my LV friends!
    Next Monday my youngest brother leaves to Texas for college and were all going to miss him here at home. So today I took him and his girlfriend out shopping in Orange County. I had an eye on the Beaubourg tote, but because he was going away, I decided to make a sacrifice and help get my brother the ring he has been wanting from Tiffany and Co. So, I just picked up a little something from LV that I have been wanting, the 4key Holder as well as helping him with his new Titanium ring. He loves it and it is all that matters!!:tup: Thanks for stopping by! Holla!;)

    (And to my friend SweetP, You know the Beaubourg is NEXT! lol)



  2. beauties!! your brother is sooo lucky to have a nice brother like you!
  3. LoVe your little purchases. Lucky bro you have! :yes:
  4. Aww you're such a nice brother! Both the ring and the keychain look great! I always thought Damier looks soo good on guys (not that they don't look good on ladies;)) and can't wait to get one for my bf sometime in the near (hopefully) future!
  5. wow, that's so nice of you! and congrats on your key holder!
  6. Very nice purchases!
  7. Lovely. That is so sweet of you to get your brother his Tiffany ring. It's something he can wear forever.

    Enjoy your new LV keyholder and can't wait to see a Beaubourg reveal from you in the near future...
  8. Congrats on your new goodies !! I :love: the ring
  9. Congrats, love all the purchases today. Your brother is so lucky to have such a generous brother as yourself!
  10. Sweet gift for your brother! Love the Ebene Damier! Congratulations!
  11. So generous! Good luck to your brother.
  12. :ty:You all are very kind, thank you so much!
  13. Awwwwww!
    You are the sweetest brother ever, he sure is lucky to have you :heart:
    I'm sure the beaubourg isn't far behind ;) heheh

    I love the little keyholder.. I already have one (not lv tho) but I feel the urge to have more keys so that I can justify an lv keyholder! LOL
  14. You're such an thoughtful older brother! Congrats on the keyholder and your brother's ring is awesome!
  15. Awww what a nice brother you are!!