My Brief arrived today and I gotta say, the Steel/SGH combo is smokin hot!!!

  1. I was kinda worried I wouldn't be impressed by the plomb in real life due to some reviews that said it looked like a faded black. Well, it doesn't. :yahoo: Its dark, for sure, but its a true gunmetal grey. Some people have mentioned it has an almost metallic quality - and I can kinda of see what they are talking about. :heart::heart:

    Some people also expressed disappointment in the Silver hardware, but I guess it must be a personal preference thing because I think its awesome! Its very edgy/cool - a little more punk rock than the GH. :rochard: Its blingy, but its doesn't scream its presence. :cool:

    Anyway, I love the color/hardware combination so much, I'm going to do something unprecendented for me and get a second bag in this color - a Giant Hardware wristlet clutch in plomb/SGH.

    Here's the original pics tha Daphne at BNY had sent me - posted again for your viewing pleasure.

    Hope you like my review, and if any of you are on the fence about plomb - its definitely worth getting. I also think it would look incredible in a work (regular or SGH).

    DSC04297.JPG DSC04298.JPG
  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congrats on your new bag!!!! I'm so glad you're happy with the color. It's gorgeous!!!

    I'm getting the Courier in Plomb and I've been concerned with the color because of different feedback. But from your review, it sounds as if it's the color I've been hoping for. I can't wait to see it IRL. I just hope it'll have my leather preference since I don't think they'll be receiving too many in that style.
  3. love your gorgeous brief! congrats!
  4. Love it! It's such a sexy combo, very rock & roll :drool:
  5. Lovely!! I am dying for this combo in the weekender!
  6. Oh I love it!!!! I think the SGH makes it!!!!!
  7. What a gorgeous colour / bag choice - woo hoo too you!!!!
  8. SmOkin' HOT!!! LOVE IT :beach:
  9. Yay! I love the Brief in Steel... so glad you're happy with it!
  10. Circoit....the combo is TDF and your brief.... well it's STUNNING!!!:nuts: I've been considering this style and hardware combo in tomato...but am concerned about the weight factor...what do you think about the weight?
  11. Its very heavy (Im a wimp, though). This isn't going to be an everyday bag for me, just for when I have business meetings and such. Hence - the clutch. I want something I can use more often that won't break my shoulder.
  12. love the plomb+SGH combo! congrats!
  13. Nice combo for sure!!!
  14. I love the plomb and silver combo!
  15. [​IMG]


    OMG:yahoo:She's damn dead gorgeous...i love the combo in silver HW......Congrats